Pinning It Down: A Guide to Consumers’ Relationship with Pinterest


Pinterest has transformed the face of social media. Now, simply saying “Did you pin it?” is an understood inquiry. With such a huge fan base, Pinterest offers businesses a unique and valuable opportunity to capitalize on. Alight has created an infographic discussing the rise in interest and use of the social media platform.

Pinterest has a fan base that is growing impressively fast. One in four consumers report spending more time on Pinterest instead of other social media sites – and those users are making a difference. Facebook has reported a 3% decrease in the time spent on the site within the last month.

When making a marketing plan for your business, especially if you are in the fashion business, Pinterest is one very important part of the puzzle. With such a high number of users, share conversion, and an average order value three times over what Facebook purchases generate, it’s critical to incorporate Pinterest into your business’s social media presence.

Pinning it Down: A Guide to Consumers' Relationship with Pinterest

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