Curves Take Command: The Plus-Size Revolution


The plus-size fashion industry has come a long way as more curvy women speak out about their stylistic choices. With plus-size shoppers representing over 2/3 of the purchasing population, it’s time for curves to take command! ┬áRead on to learn more about sizing history and survey results from real shoppers like you!


Curves Take Command

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  • Linda

    “Women size 16 and above buy more than 50% of their clothing online.” << I'm not sure what the point of noting this is. It reads as "hey manufacturers, you should cater to fat women because they don't care about shopping in real stores, so you make more of a profit!" When in reality, that number has to do with the fact that in many brands plus sizes are only available online. I feel pretty confident in guessing that most women like to try on their clothing before buying it.

  • So good to see this information all put together in an easy-to-read graphic, thank you!