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Alight cloud-based technology AU solutions


High-tech meets high-touch

When it comes to technology transformation, we make it personal. Our cloud-based solutions are designed with insightful understanding. We use analytics and AI to give you and your people exactly what you need, right when you need it.

Bye bye, siloes

True technology transformation demands insights that can drive measurable change. It’s time to put your workforce data to work – all of it. Built around analytics and AI, we connect key insights across health, wealth, work and pay so you can not only see the big picture, but act on it.

Alight Analytics and AI technology AU for key insights across health, wealth, work and pay

Solutions to excel in work and life

Take care of your business and your people. With deep insights and deeper expertise, we know how to meet your most pressing workforce needs.

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It all starts with your people

The success of your people and your business go hand-in-hand. Whether you’re big or small, local or global, we connect the dots across people, work and life so your people and your organisation can thrive – together. 

What’s driving transformation?

How to make the case to move your organisation to the Cloud

Learn the key steps to build a solid business case for your organisation’s move to the Cloud.

Flexible payroll solutions for your people – now and in the future

Employers are starting to re-evaluate how to better deliver employee pay cheques with flexible payroll solutions.