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Forging a path forward for employee wellbeing

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Offering wellbeing support to employees is something employers have been prioritizing as part of their overall rewards and benefits strategy in the past decade. And, in today’s tough talent market, offering meaningful wellbeing support — programs that lead employees to feel positive about and in control of their wellbeing — can be an attraction and retention tool.

What’s in it for the employers? The 2022 Alight International Workforce and Wellbeing Mindset Study shows that employees who rate their wellbeing most positively are more likely to be productive and more likely to stay with a company.

That means the investment you’ve made in them over the years stays with you, rather than walking to your competitors. Staying the course with wellbeing support and programs for employers isn’t a straight line, but the data shows that we all need to do a better job of showing them that you’re on the journey with them… or they may take the nearest off-ramp.

Alight’s annual Mindset Study examines employee perceptions of their wellbeing across five key areas (mental/emotional, social, physical, professional/career and financial) and the relationship between wellbeing and the employee experience.

For our 12th annual study, we expanded our scope and reach. The 2022 survey respondents include employees in the United Kingdom, France, Germany and The Netherlands, as well as the U.S. This year’s study includes 2,000 employees from each country.

We asked about wellbeing, but also about employee experience, technology and total rewards to name just a few topic areas. Any trend data reflects U.S. employee results because this was the first year to include employees in Europe.

As always, we polled employees from a wide range of industries, demographics as well as ethnic backgrounds to ensure we have a representative sample. This allows us to draw conclusions with a 95% accuracy.

Timing gives us important context for what was going on with employees when surveyed. Results are from March 2022, as the latest COVID-19 wave was waning in the U.S. and had weakened greatly in the U.K., France and Germany; The Netherlands was nearing the end of a national lockdown. Inflation was on the rise and the war in Ukraine had just begun.

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