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Case study: Workday tenant assessment - Direct Line Group

Workday tenant assessment y Direct Line Group

How Alight's tenant assessment improved utilisation of Workday Recruiting

Direct Line was established in 1985 in partnership with the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Group. After acquiring a number of companies over several years, the group successfully divested from RBS Group in 2012 and rebranded as Direct Line Group. The organisation is based in the United Kingdom and owns several household name brands including Direct Line, Churchill, Green Flag, and NIG employing over 10,000 people.

Challenges faced with recruiting

Direct Line Group was an early adopter of Workday in 2013 and went live specifically with Workday Recruiting in October 2016. Whilst the technology is modern and innovative, many changes have been deployed over the last 4 years to create a much more sophisticated system which cover Graduate, Apprentice, Volume and Specialist Recruiting. These changes have been a combination of Workday Releases as well as many additional changes to workflows by the HRIS team to significantly improve the end user experience and to enable the HRIS team to utilise the flexibility of the system to accommodate quite complex and varying recruiting requirements.

Partnering for success with Alight

Having been an Alight Application Management Services (AMS) customer since 2014, the HR technology team at Direct Line Group decided to extend their partnership to include a tenant assessment of their Workday Recruiting platform to ensure they were getting the most value out of their investment in the technology.  The tenant assessment acts as a health check for the platform allowing our Alight experts to examine the issues, diagnose the drivers of inefficiency and prescribe recommendations on improvement.

The Workday tenant assessment project

The project started in January 2020 and involved a team of Workday certified Alight experts taking a deeper look into the Workday Recruiting configuration, as well as talking to key stakeholders to understand how they were using Workday Recruiting, where their pain points were,  examine whether the technology was meeting their needs and where the areas for improvement were. Following the review, the Alight team documented their findings and diagnosed the drivers of dissatisfaction and inefficiency within the Recruiting platform which included recommendations on the interview process, areas of data clean up, reporting suggestions, process improvements, feature/functionality adoption and integrations. The team at Direct Line Group are extremely self-sufficient and had decided to execute on the suggested improvements the Alight team had made themselves. 

The outcome: Improved business processes

Following the tenant assessment project, the HR team at Direct Line Group now have confidence in their Recruiting platform that they are utilising all the functionality available to them and that their business processes work harmoniously with the technology. The key stakeholders for the Workday Recruiting platform have a much higher level of satisfaction with the technology and the team can be reassured that their end users have a seamless hiring experience.

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