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A partner with a true HR perspective

Empowering your workforce with the strength of Workday HCM

The way we work has changed. That change isn’t slowing down anytime soon. From hybrid working models to new employee skillsets, the needs of your people are different than they were a year ago. And those needs won’t look the same a year from now.

For HR, this means priorities are shifting too. Agile HR requires streamlined processes, empowered workers, nurtured employee engagement and a trust in your team to collaborate on strategic initiatives across the organization. That’s where Alight and Workday can help.

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Committed to your long-term success

From Workday advisory and deployment through optimisation, operations and payroll, we’re by your side the whole way. 

Prepare your organization for change

To achieve optimal adoption rates, your workforce needs to be ready for new ways of working. Our team takes ownership of program design and execution to ensure your employees have the tools to be self-sufficient and your HR team is strategy focused. 

Get a head start on your journey

Cut through the complexity of your project with Alight Point of View (POV). Our POV provides pre-configured processes, audit and operations reports, defensive queries, integrations, dashboards, custom validations, unit test scenarios, notification recommendations and much more. With Alight POV, you get ahead of schedule, minimize complexity and gain confidence in your end solution.

Guidance from HR experts

Combining technical Workday expertise with deep HR experience is crucial to your long-term success. Our 25-year HR operating history is built into everything we do and gives us a unique perspective into what works and what doesn’t. With true HR experts by your side every step of the way, there’s no challenge that goes unsolved. 

Ensuring long-term ROI

Workday is continuously innovating. Staying up-to-date helps ensure a return on your investment. Alight’s optimisation services vary from urgent production support and technical guidance, to comprehensive release management, automated testing-as-service and user adoption support. 

An engaging employee experience

Going live with Workday HCM is just the start of your journey. Your new technology unlocks new capabilities enabling your HR team to be strategic business partners. Alight’s HR Services team takes care of your HR operations and customer care, giving your employees the experience they deserve and freeing up your HR team for value-added activities. 

A partnership you can count on


With our 25+ year operating history and 12+ years’ Workday experience, you can be sure you’re in expert hands. We have one of the largest Workday teams and the knowledge to support you at every stage of your journey. 

Workday HCM experience

Not only do we have teams of local experts around the globe, we have deployed Workday in 150+ countries. From employment regulations, works councils, data residency and other country specific requirements, we’ve got you covered. 

Workday HCM Local expertise

Alight’s industry leading integration, data conversion diagnostic and testing tools save time and resources, ensuring your Workday HCM deployment stays on schedule and budget. 

Workday HCM tools

Our experts have developed industry-leading deployment accelerators based on our POV that get you live quicker, while also reducing your spend.  On average, our accelerator program helps reduce project timelines by up to 30%.*

*accelerator program available for organizations with 3,500 – 10,000 employees.

Workday HCM accelerators


Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) is a cloud-based system that evolves to enable organizations to meet changing business needs. The platform offers human resource management, organization management, business process management, reporting and analytics, employee and manager self-service, absence management, compensation management, performance and goal management, talent management and much more. 

The cloud-based platform enables HR teams to operate from a single platform globally, while also streamlining processes and empowering managers and employees across the organization. Workday’s powerful reporting and analytics tools derive real-time data and insights about your workforce, helping your business leaders make informed decisions about what’s next for your organization. 

Workday Service Partners, like Alight, bring deep functional Workday product knowledge to help configure Workday in a way that works for your unique organizational needs. What sets Alight apart is our extensive HR knowledge and expertise gained from operating HR on behalf of our customers for over 25 years. We take this knowledge and apply it to your project, giving expert advice on what we believe will work best for your organization, and what won’t.

The goal is a Workday HCM platform that meets all your business requirements and objectives and sets your organization up for success from day one.

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Customer story

Helping Pathway Vet Alliance thrive in the cloud

Pathway Vet Alliance was looking for a way to effectively and efficiently keep up with their growing organisation. That's when they turned to Workday and Alight.