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The Era of the Employee is here

What is the Era of the Employee?

There is a paradigm shift happening in the employer-employee relationship. This offers opportunities for both employers and employees as traditional workforce models are becoming less relevant. Listening and addressing the needs of employees more closely is part of the shift from shareholder to stakeholder capitalism.

62% of employees are unsatisfied with their employers.1

In a tight labour market, job satisfaction, loyalty and trust in employers have reached dangerously low levels.


Of full-time employees don't have or use healthcare because they aren’t worth the cost or are unaffordable.1


Receive healthcare and retirement benefits from their employer, 37% receive neither.1


Trust their employer to develop benefit plans in their best interests.1


Believe their workplace offers equal access to leadership/advancement opportunities regardless of culture or background.1

1. Winning with wellbeing: Chose a human-centric approach to benefits and enhance talent acquisition and retention

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