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New solution from Alight helps retirees transition to Medicare Advantage plans

Alight expands healthcare capabilities through the addition of Choice Health

Lincolnshire, Ill. Sep 1, 2020 |

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Alight Solutions, a leading provider of next level human capital and business solutions, today announced it will offer enrollment into Medicare Advantage coverage directly to eligible retirees that do not have access to employer-provided retiree medical insurance. Through its acquisition of Choice Health, a fully integrated consumer acquisition platform specializing in the high-growth, Medicare Advantage marketplace, Alight will expand on its already robust healthcare capabilities.

For workers retiring without employer-provided retiree medical benefits, Alight’s solution will offer a simpler way to access Medicare Advantage coverage. Using licensed agents, Alight can now help transition those workers from the employer-provided healthcare plans they had while actively working, to Medicare Advantage plans available from a variety of national carriers. And, robust retention and support services minimize policy turnover to maximize customer value and satisfaction.

“With fewer and fewer companies providing retiree health benefits to future retirees, the transition from employer-provided coverage to the complex, open market can be daunting,” said Colin Brennan, president of global solutions & services at Alight. “Alight can now better care for the needs of workers throughout the full course of their careers and through retirement. We are thrilled to add this critical component to our robust suite of healthcare solutions."

Alight’s curated suite of integrated health and wealth solutions enables employees to access health coverage, navigate costs and complexity and manage their total wellbeing over their lifetime.
Alight clients will be able to offer their Medicare-eligible retirees access to these new services beginning in the 2021 Medicare Advantage enrollment period.


About Choice Health

Choice Health provides a technology enabled, data driven platform that assists consumers in choosing the insurance coverage that best suits their health and financial needs. With over 15 years of experience in direct to consumer operations, Choice Health specializes in the rapidly growing Medicare market. Choice Health has strong carrier partnerships with the leading managed care organizations and reaches more than 15 million consumers annually.


A proposito di Alight Solutions 

Con la solida convinzione che il successo di un’organizzazione cominci dalle persone, Alight Solutions è leader nella fornitura di soluzioni cloud integrate per la gestione aziendale e del capitale umano. Capitalizzando soluzioni proprietarie basate sull’Intelligenza Artificiale e sull’analisi dei dati, Alight ottimizza il business process as a service (BPaaS) per offrire risultati superiori a dipendenti e datori di lavoro attraverso un portafoglio completo di servizi. Alight supporta il personale nel miglioramento della propria situazione sanitaria, finanziaria e lavorativa, abilitando al contempo le organizzazioni globali a raggiungere una cultura basata sulle performance. Oltre 16.000 colleghi di Alight sono al servizio di più di 36 milioni di dipendenti e delle loro famiglie. Visita per scoprire come Alight aiuti ogni giorno le organizzazioni di ogni dimensione, tra cui oltre il 70% delle Fortune 100.

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