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Alight helps employers answer the call for COVID-19 relief

Lincolnshire, Ill. May 14, 2020 |

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In a pandemic characterized by extreme uncertainty, there remains significant pressure on people, families, businesses and the economy at large. Alight Solutions, a leader in benefits, payroll and cloud solutions, is working to help employers address employees’ needs during this time of crisis, while ensuring business continuity.

“Employers are contending with unprecedented challenges from managing the health and safety of their workforce, to leaves of absence, and determining when and how their workers will return to physical work locations,” said Karen Frost, vice president of health strategy & solutions at Alight. “Alight is invested in the success and wellbeing of our clients and we are working to ensure they’re well-positioned to provide their people with the support they need as this situation persists.”

Alight’s COVID-19 toolkit provides employers around the world with resources to help navigate their benefits, payroll and broader workforce needs. The toolkit is updated regularly with timely content and practical guidance around policy and legislative changes and employer actions and sentiment, among other topics.

Alight has also unveiled extended solutions to help employers meet the needs of their workforce, including:

  • Employee care cards. Through Alight’s comprehensive benefits administration platform, employers can provide targeted financial assistance to employees who are incurring expenses as a result of COVID-19. Employees can access pre-tax and post-tax funds using a convenient debit card and easy-to-manage online account.
  • Positive diagnosis services. Professional health consultants can support employees and their family members afflicted by COVID-19. These navigation services include educating on lifestyle changes, identifying treatment options, managing the full cycle of care, and coordinating leaves of absence and claims with employer policies and coverage.
  • Extensive partner network. Alight’s market-leading partners can help employers enhance their benefits programs during the pandemic, including Kashable’s easy-to-access, low-cost loans for employees, and PTO Exchange’s allowing employees to trade unused paid time off for goods, services and donations.
  • AMS support. Alight’s Application Management Services (AMS) can keep employers’ cloud platforms operating at peak performance, even when their priorities have shifted due to disruptions caused by COVID-19. 

Alight’s industry-leading recommendations, best practices and advice for employers on managing through COVID-19 are available at


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Con la solida convinzione che il successo di un’organizzazione cominci dalle persone, Alight Solutions è leader nella fornitura di soluzioni cloud integrate per la gestione aziendale e del capitale umano. Capitalizzando soluzioni proprietarie basate sull’Intelligenza Artificiale e sull’analisi dei dati, Alight ottimizza il business process as a service (BPaaS) per offrire risultati superiori a dipendenti e datori di lavoro attraverso un portafoglio completo di servizi. Alight supporta il personale nel miglioramento della propria situazione sanitaria, finanziaria e lavorativa, abilitando al contempo le organizzazioni globali a raggiungere una cultura basata sulle performance. Oltre 16.000 colleghi di Alight sono al servizio di più di 36 milioni di dipendenti e delle loro famiglie. Visita per scoprire come Alight aiuti ogni giorno le organizzazioni di ogni dimensione, tra cui oltre il 70% delle Fortune 100.

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