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Alight is overeengekomen om zijn Payroll- en Professional Services-bedrijf te verkopen aan een gelieerde onderneming van H.I.G. Capital. Meer informatie hier.

Alight’s new suite of solutions helps turn business disruptions into drivers for enterprise growth

Lincolnshire, Ill. Jul 14, 2020 |

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From a looming spike in healthcare costs, to implementing business continuity plans, to rapid transitions to telework, organizations worldwide are grappling with mounting business and people challenges. Alight, a leading provider of next level human capital and business solutions, has unveiled a new suite of solutions to help organizations address critical benefits, HCM and finance issues and transform for the future. Alight Total Health and Alight AMS as a Service will empower organizations of all sizes to better manage costs, drive efficiency, reduce complexity and improve employee experiences.

“Current disruptions have forced companies and leaders to rethink their business and workforce strategies to ensure their long-term viability and future success,” said Stephan Scholl, CEO of Alight. “Alight’s unique capabilities that span the full scope of human capital and business solutions, allow us to partner with clients and provide meaningful, end-to-end solutions to drive value across the full enterprise.”

Alight Total Health pairs data and analytics, personalized support and consumer-centered tools to help employees make smarter, more cost-effective health decisions for themselves and their families. Alight’s robust data engine considers total costs, healthcare quality and patient behaviors to provide employees with options for the right care, at the best price. Alight’s AI-powered personalization then engages employees over a continuum with targeted, multi-channel messages that provide timely information and calls to action.

Enabling more informed decision making reduces organizations’ healthcare spend, controls downstream costs and improves overall benefits program satisfaction. When properly implemented, Alight will guarantee that organizations see increased employee engagement and healthcare cost savings of more than 100%*.

Alight AMS as a Service brings application support, best practices and data-driven insights that improve business efficiency, innovation and functionality across the entire enterprise, while enhancing employee experiences. As organizations contend with delivering day-to-day operations in a cost-conscious way, Alight provides holistic cloud support to those seeking enterprise technology transformation.

Taking a strategic and consultative approach to cloud-based ERP, Alight helps clients achieve business case realization with:

  • Alight Tenant Optimizer. Works as an expert assistant to increase efficiency, enable confident decision making and find greater platform value.
  • Alight Release Updater. Keeps organizations on track by integrating, updating, testing and managing mandatory and optional features.
  • Alight Total AMS. Delivers day-to-day support and data-driven insights, along with strategic governance for enterprise technology transformation.

“Drawing on Alight’s vast human capital and business data for thousands of organizations and tens of millions of employees and their family members, we’re creating solutions that we know will have a meaningful impact on our clients’ business and employee outcomes,” said Colin Brennan, president of global solutions & services at Alight.

More information on Alight Total Health and Alight AMS as a Service is available on

*Guarantee is subject to specific terms and conditions


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Met de overtuiging dat het succes van een bedrijf begint bij zijn mensen, is Alight Solutions een toonaangevende leverancier van geïntegreerde cloud software oplossingen voor HR, Payroll en Finance. Door gebruik te maken van onze eigen Artificial intelligence oplossingen en data-analyses, optimaliseren wij bedrijfsprocessen voor werknemers en werkgevers. Wij zorgen ervoor dat werkgevers en werknemers met onze oplossingen meer tijd overhouden voor de echt belangrijke dingen binnen de organisatie en dat processen op een menselijke manier worden geautomatiseerd. De 15.000 toegewijde collega’s van Alight ondersteunen meer dan 36 miljoen werknemers. Ontdek op hoe Alight organisaties van elke omvang helpt, waaronder meer dan 70% van de Fortune 100

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