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Customer success story: Klosterfrau Healthcare Group

Klosterfrau Group at a glance:

  • Industry: OTC (Over the Counter) Healthcare
  • Foundation: 1826
  • HQ: Cologne
  • Employees: 1700

The Client

Klosterfrau is an international pharmaceuticals provider that has been providing healthcare solutions since 1826. With around 1700 employees in 40 countries and a portfolio of around 200 natural products, the company combines its rich heritage with innovation.

The Challenge

Until 2017, Klosterfrau did not have any kind of effective human capital management (HCM) system. This meant for a long time, many work processes across HR were time-consuming and lacked innovation. SAP HR was used in Germany, but elsewhere the system landscape differed from country to country. With no standardised database available, regular errors often occurred throughout the HR process. These errors were also compounded by lengthy accounting and administration processes.

To reduce the strain on HR, Klosterfrau decided it was time to implement a modern HCM solution, though its first attempt at this with a strategic implementation partner failed to efficiently integrate its disparate systems, which led to additional expenditure in terms of time and money. After reassessing the project, the team decided they needed a smarter solution, one that could intelligently digitise processes and connect systems across the entire business. To add to a growing list of requirements, Klosterfrau also needed a uniform database for planning, billing, and reporting as well as completely outsourcing its global payroll process. Though the success of this relied on Klosterfrau first having a robust HCM solution at the heart of its business.

The Solution

Our strategic and advisory support helped Klosterfrau overcome the mistakes made in the first implementation process. By utilising SAP SuccessFactors, we worked closely with them, providing help and support as a new smarter HCM cloud solution was introduced. Working to a tight schedule, we ensured the organisation's global teams were effectively onboarded to the new system and felt confident using it within as little as six months.

With people working remotely due to the pandemic, our implementation best practices enabled Klosterfrau to effectively and rapidly bring in new technology with ease. Since working with them, we've transformed the HR experience, introducing several innovative HCM solutions, with the applications for recruiting, onboarding, performance, and goal management now operating in the cloud.

From the planning and software selection phases to the project completion date, we provided Klosterfrau with consulting expertise throughout the entire cloud transformation journey. Our change management support has been key to the success of the new initiative, creating agreement between the stakeholders involved and engagement from users in the business.

The whole process, from the selection of the first solution to the switch to SAP SuccessFactors, made it clear to us that a successful HCM solution is only possible if all parties involved work closely together. Above all, these include HR, the IT department, management, the works council, and consulting. Alight was by our side with advice and support at all times. We are happy that we have positioned our traditional company in such an innovative way.

Frank Roth, Head of Shared Service Centre IT

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