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Alight Partner Network

Meet Our Partners

Enhance your HR, payroll, and benefits offerings with our market-leading partners.


An award-winning platform and app that helps employers create an exceptional benefits and rewards experience for their most valuable asset throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

  • Total reward
    Make employees aware of your full investment. A Total Reward Statement reflects employees’ total reward and compensation, including benefits and other add-ons, so they understand their true value of their employment.
  • Communications
    Use the platform’s integrated communication engine to send personalised, targeted messages. Send the right message to the right people using the right channel. Best yet, you can engage your workforce wherever they are through the Benify app by using push notifications.
  • Employee lifecycle
    Before starting their first day, right through to their final day, digitalise the employee lifecycle with the platform’s preboarding, onboarding and offboarding tools. Enable employees to enroll in benefits digitally via desktop or through the app and reduce administration in the process.
  • Global analytics
    Manage your entire global workforce from a single source. With a global-but-local approach, administrators can gain insights from benefits and compensation data to assist with strategic decision making.

Our partnership

In partnership with Benify, we provide a high-tech, high-touch benefits solution with added administration services that elevates employee wellbeing. You benefit from an improved employee experience while also creating efficiency improvements for your organisation.

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Cornerstone on Demand

A future-forward talent experience platform that combines best-in-class learning with growth-centric talent capabilities and the power of AI to make talent leaders champions of engagement, growth, and transformation.

  • Holistic people growth experience
    Create inspiring, personalised, and connected experiences across learning, skilling and mobility.
  • Integrated skills from end to end
    Unleash the power of skills for everyone and everything, and match talent and skills supply and demand.
  • AI-Powered tech fabric
    Design more intelligent workflows and see and predict trends with AI applied across people, skills, and content data.
  • Best-in-class learning and talent management
    Provide the deep capabilities talent leaders need to efficiently enable compliance, align business process and maximise agility.

Our partnership

Alight provides deployment services for organisations looking to implement Cornerstone On Demand as their talent platform of choice. Once live, our certified experts provide optimisation services to help you maintain your platform while also looking for opportunities to derive additional value.

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A global employment platform that gives organisations a better, faster way to build their global team. The intuitive technology allows you to find, hire, onboard and manage teams in 180+ countries in minutes, without setting up new entities.

  • Plan global expansion
    You choose the “where” and the “who.” Globalisation Partners take care of the “how.” Onboard your international candidate in days and start growing your company’s global footprint.
  • Make global compliance automatic
    Create employment contracts, offer benefits packages and support full-time global team members quickly and compliantly all handled by a team of experts.
  • Find your customers anywhere in the world
    Follow opportunities for your company – wherever they lead. Globalisation Partners help to ensure borders aren’t boundaries to expanding your presence and scaling operations globally.
  • Strategically build global companies faster
    Make the next international merger or acquisition easier. Transfer valuable international assets without the complexity of entity setup. Onboard global human capital compliantly and quickly – in days, not months.

Our partnership

Together with Globalisation Partners we help our customers expand into new markets easier and faster, accelerating the timeline for talent transfer, reducing dependency on TSA’s and preserving your in-house resources.

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A leading provider of HR, HR services delivery and workforce management solutions helping more than 70,000 organisations around the globe. Discover AI-powered workforce and HR solutions with tailored industry features, all built on an intelligent and extensible platform to help you redefine the work experience for your people.

  • Effective time & attendance tracking
    Track employee time, attendance and activity while gathering data to enforce work and pay rules and manage exceptions for ongoing compliance and cost control.
  • Optimised scheduling
    Ensure optimal staffing coverage for every shift, every day, with visibility into staffing while empowering employees with flexibility on how and when they work.
  • Powerful analytics
    Give frontline people managers a quick and actionable insight into their team’s productivity all in the moment, backed by data.
  • HR service delivery platform
    Rely on an intelligent platform to provide instant HR support and empower more people to self-service.
  • Increase HR productivity
    Spend less time on manual tasks, more time on strategic initiatives with greater workflow automation and instantly route requests to the right team member.

Our partnership

Alight partners with organisations to deploy UKG Dimensions and HR Service Delivery to streamline workforce management and HR solutions. Once live, we also provide optimisation services to ensure your technology operates at peak performance and your employee experience is elevated.

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