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Beyond the Great Resignation

Seven key HR priorities for the new normal

Great Resignation - Seven key HR priorities in UK

Current trends show that nowadays talent matters more than ever.

The pandemic has prompted many employees to re-evaluate their options. The post-Covid YOLO economy has emboldened workers, prompting some to switch their ‘side hustle’ to their main source of income or demand more flexible working conditions from their employer. The subsequent ‘Great Resignation’ has driven increased employee attrition, with many leaving secure positions in pursuit of better terms, more flexibility or improved work-life balance.

Together, these trends pose a dual problem for employers: they need to retain the talent they have while at the same time attracting the new talent they need to accelerate their business out of the pandemic. In this e-book, we will guide you through seven strategic priorities that we’ll help your organisation face new talent risks and navigate with success the new world of work.

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