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Focus on your bigger priorities

Our payroll services allow you to focus on more strategic business objectives

We'll support you 

Whatever transition your business is going through, your workforce is relying on you to run and deliver a seamless payroll experience. Looking to expand into new markets? We can build a scalable payroll solution to make it happen without missing a beat. If or when you need support for specific functions, like payroll, benefits admin or end-user support, we have the services for that, too. 

Here's the challenge

Payroll management can be a headache

Let’s be honest – the time lost to managing your monthly payroll adds up. Beyond making sure that your people get paid correctly, there are challenges around compliance, documentation, integration, annual reporting, multiple languages and much more..

Here's how we solve it

Find peace of mind

You need a partner who eliminates the hassle behind paying people accurately and on time, and frees up head space, so you can focus on finding answers to the bigger questions hidden in your payroll insights.

Step-by-step payroll assistance

As your business grows, so should your approach to payroll. We’ll sit down with your HR team and act as a sounding board, working to understand the ins-and-outs of your business needs. We'll help you roll out a service that doesn’t disrupt your employees, but still offers ease-of-use for HR managers and employees alike.

Your perfect payroll solution

If you need more hands-on support, our advisory teams work alongside you every step of the way. We get to know your organisation and deliver a personalised business case, whether you need to integrate payroll with your HCM, roll out a pre-packaged solution or fully outsource multi-country payroll.

Outsourcing with insight

The ever-changing payroll landscape means there are new challenges on a daily basis. When we handle your payroll, you stay in the know. We give you complete visibility over employee information and company analytics, including real-time data.

More of what's possible with Payroll Services

For employers  

Whether we're doing small projects or full-scale outsourcing, our partnerships are built on trust and dedication – that's why we have over 150+ clients across a variety of platforms. 


  • Comprehensive project-based application management services
  • Ongoing payroll process administration
  • Data corrections and mass loads
  • Compensation, benefit and talent annual cycles
  • Legal and compliance expertise
  • Risk mitigation and peace of mind
Alight Payroll Services benefits for SE employers

We help you roll out a service that doesn’t disrupt your employees, but still offers ease-of-use.


  • Accurate and on-time pay 
  • An easy to understand and navigate HR Portal  
Alight Payroll Services benefits for SE employees

Frequently asked questions

Have a particular question about Payroll Services? We've answered some of the most commonly asked questions.

Payroll Services is when a third-party vendor provides assistance with payroll processing. Varying levels of support are available but typically you can expect to receive help with part of the payroll process through Managed Payroll Services or all the payroll process with Comprehensive Payroll Services. This service seeks to improve the accuracy, efficiency, and timeliness of the payroll cycle.

The cost for Payroll Services depends on several factors including the number of employees in your organisation, the countries in scope as well as the type of service that you opt for i.e., Managed Payroll Services or Comprehensive Payroll Services. Please reach out if you’d like more information. 

Outsourcing payroll can improve accuracy, save time and resources, and reduce payroll leakage. With a knowledgeable partner at your side, you have access to country specific payroll expertise as well as the latest payroll technology and innovation ready to help your organisation grow and evolve.

Typically, Payroll Services are used by organisations who don’t have the time, resources, or expertise in-house to run their payroll operations. In addition, this service is frequently used by teams looking to improve efficiency, adopt automation and optimise processes.

Case study

Standardizing global payroll for Repsol

Repsol turned to Alight to perform an audit on their legacy payroll system and processes. Over 30 opportunities were identified for Repsol to simplify and standardize their SAP platform and improve the overall integration within the Workday HCM platform.

Flexibility and standardization key to KLM’s payroll requirements

Alight understands our complex issues perfectly. Its team has the skills and knowledge to offer constructive solutions to the problems we encounter, due to our complex pay environment.

Jan Kool, Payroll Manager, KLM

Harmonizing international payroll for Egger Group

Egger implemented one integrated, streamlined payroll solution throughout its offices worldwide, leveraging localized language and compliance modules to provide a consistent payroll administration and reporting solution globally.

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