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Leaders on Innovation Episode 2: The future of learning strategies in a post-pandemic world

The post-pandemic business landscape today faces a rapidly evolving skill demand. In addition, skill shortages further accentuate this problem and often act as significant roadblocks for companies.

With the accelerating shift to a digital-first way of work, many need learning strategies and technologies that help train their workforce to sustain business success. But vital questions like building a winning learning strategy and addressing critical determinants of a robust, future-ready learning mechanism persist.

In the second episode of the Leaders on Innovation 2022, Ester Martinez has an insightful conversation with Steven Yudiyantho, SVP, Human Capital Strategy, PT Bank Mandiri and Anirban Dass, VP, Professional Services, Alight Solutions, to deliberate the role of a changing digital ecosystem and understand the shifts your learning strategy needs to undertake to be successful.

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