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New rules of HR transformation in 2023 - Episode 2

Episode 2: Decoding the new rules of HR transformation in 2023 with Kelly Chua & Anirban Dass

Leading organisations today have chosen analytics as their top business priority, by syncing data with every business function for maximum accuracy and output. HR analytics undoubtedly has become paramount in supporting and extending our digital vision for the future. But with the ongoing hybrid returns to work and shifting employee expectations, leaders still need to monitor the impact of technology on people and operations while assessing skills that best work in both the employees' and companies' favour.

In the second episode of 'The new rules of HR transformation in 2023' interview series hosted by ETHRWorld Southeast Asia in collaboration with Alight Solutions, we invited Kelly Chua, Global Head of HR at ASMPT, and Anirban Dass, Vice President at Alight Solutions, Asia Pacific to share their understanding on how HR professionals can best use technology to re-engineer operating models in a continuously shifting digital world. The leaders will further reflect upon some of the looming trends that will influence to transform the HR spectrum globally in 2023 and beyond.

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