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Alight + Workday

Workday Automated Testing

Reduce your testing time by up to 80%

Manual testing comes with the risk of breaking critical processes, security, or integrations and can also cause your project significant delays.

Alight’s Workday Automated Testing tool powered by Cloudbera Genie simplifies regression testing during upgrades or enhancements to your Workday tenant. This saves your teams time, enables sustainable and reusable testing, while also mitigating risk to protect your investment.

Let Alight’s Workday Automated Testing work for you — trusted by over 100 Workday clients.

Fewer resources required
More scripts executed in just half the time
Security configuration validations

Increase sustainability

Alleviate the pressures of strict schedules by easily reusing test scripts and security validations for maintainable ongoing testing procedures.

Improve efficiency

Avoid tester fatigue and cut down on time needed so you can utilize employee expertise for other strategic business priorities.

Mitigate risk

Gain greater confidence with the ability to schedule thousands of tests while avoiding high probabilities of human error.

Customer success stories

Public sector


Tight timeline with limited resources

(3 weeks to test end-to-end)


  • 14 days of automation testing
  • Automated HCM platform testing
  • Data mining and data staging automated
  • 980 test scenarios: 21,168 total steps
  • 8,624 security validations completed


Test additional countries in Workday quickly


  • 49 days of automation testing
  • Integration data staging automated (e.g., 200 new hires in one afternoon)
  • Successful regression testing
  • 6,904 test scenarios: 88,786 total steps
  • 10,933 security validations automated


Timeline constraint with penalty

(>$1M per month fines at risk)


  • 16 days of automated testing
  • Automated 100% of end-to-end functional test execution
  • Managed manual integration testing for client
  • Live on time, moving fully off legacy systems
  • Fines averted
  • 1,444 test scenarios: 17,144 total steps

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Workday automated testing ensures that your integrations and enhancements are functioning as intended. Testing automation can take place during deployment or anytime changes are made. Testing automation ensures that requirements are met, bugs and defects are prevented, and performance is improved.

Workday automated testing takes 2-4 weeks to implement.

Workday automated testing ensures your tenant is working as expected so that your business processes can run smoothly, clear of any defects.

You do not need to be live on Workday to use our automated testing tool. Organizations looking to deploy Workday or are already in deployment can benefit from implementing automated testing.

Alight's Workday Automated Testing

Learn how you can protect your Workday investment and save up to 80% of your time and resources when testing Workday with Alight’s Workday Automated Testing powered by Kainos.

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