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Get to know Workday’s People Experience

By now you may have heard about Workday’s new People Experience (PEX). If you find yourself wondering what it is or how it can benefit your organization, you are not alone. In this article, we break it all down for you, introduce each product and show how they work to provide an intelligent, engaging, and helpful employee experience for your organization.

Workday People Experience uses machine learning to curate unique experiences for every user, providing everything from guidance in career development and answers to HR and payroll questions, to personalized content. By predicting what people want and giving them quick access to what they need, these tools help save time and stress.  Workday’s safe harbor applies to any functionality not currently available and any future facing statements.

Workday Today is a next generation home page that surfaces up relevant tasks, applications, announcements, along with information and recommendations — completely personalized to you — using cards and tasks.

  • Cards are dynamic content that enable users to act on them. Workday is building many standard cards including Upcoming Time Off, Create Job Requisition, Give Feedback, Birthdays, and more. Cards simplify how users interact with Workday and provide an intuitive starting point to complete tasks.
  • Suggested tasks use machine learning to learn tasks that you perform day to day in the Workday application, and automatically suggest tasks based on temporal aspects or even location aspects that are most important to you.

The Innovation Services Agreement (ISA) is not required to turn on Workday Today, but to enable Today with personalization, an ISA is required; and you must also meet certain Workday qualifications. Without an ISA, you will still get the new home page and suggested tasks. Suggested tasks, instead of being personalized and dynamic, will be populated with tasks you have access to that are most used.
Workday Journeys (formally Workday Moments) provides the tooling to create custom journeys, that can be launched from the new Workday Today home page and report on journey engagement. A journey offers:

  • A holistic and personalized guide to support workers in critical moments, whether they are moments that matter (family leave, onboarding) or everyday moments (career development, suggested steps to processing payroll).

  • Suggested paths where Workday and non-Workday content is presented seamlessly. Rather than push people to a series of transactions in multiple systems during a critical milestone, the individual is served a rich experience that aims to improve engagement and productivity.

There are three components that make up Journeys: Paths, Insights and Connections. Journey Paths are made up of cards that guide the user through an experience. A good place to start with Journey Paths might be to create enhanced onboarding experiences, new manager paths, job rotation, learning paths, or crises response (e.g. a path to return to the office). The custom cards that are not delivered as part of the standard Workday Today offering are Journey Insights and Journey Connections. The latter enables you to include steps that contain external information or actions or create interactions with an external source. Customers with Workday Extend will find this functionality familiar. If you are not one of those customers, not to worry, we can help you. 

To enable the functionalities for Workday Journeys, there is some cost consideration, a signed ISA is required, and uptake of Workday Today is also required.
Workday for Slack and Workday for Microsoft Teams extend the power of Workday into collaboration platforms by allowing you to weave common Workday tasks into the natural workspaces your employees are already using. After installing the Workday app, your people can access the following Workday tasks and data right from within Slack or Microsoft Teams:

  • Coworker Lookup

  • Anytime Feedback

  • Time Off Balance & Request

  • Create Expenses

  • Interview Feedback

  • Ask Workday (Assistant)

Workday for Slack and Microsoft Teams are now both generally available in English and require a signed (natural workspaces) Innovation Services Agreement. Workday Extend must also be enabled.

Workday Assistant is a digital assistant chatbot that helps you conversationally complete tasks and retrieve information. Assistant is available within Workday (both desktop and mobile) or within natural workspaces outside of Workday (Slack and Microsoft Teams). With Assistant, you can:

  • Give feedback to a coworker

  • Initiate a location or supervisory organization change

  • Request time off and view balances

  • View worker and manager information

Assistant uses natural language processing — a way for computers to analyze, understand and derive meaning from human language — to receive a user’s input and take appropriate action. This allows you to interact with the system in a more conversational manner, like you would with other humans. For example, if you want to know how much vacation time you have, you might ask, “what is my vacation balance?” or “how much vacation time do I have?” Because users ask questions in many different ways, Assistant uses statistical modeling and machine learning to quickly and accurately determine the user's intentions and provide the same answers each time.
Workday Assistant is now generally available in English as of 2020R1 and a signed ISA is required.

Workday Help (formerly Workday Answers) is a People Experience offering that allows organizations to leverage Workday’s new HR case management and knowledge management features.

HR Case Management enables companies to manage the input, allocation, and resolution of HR-related cases by facilitating those conversations between employees and internal experts who can help. Doing so frees up employees to do their highest value work.

HR Knowledge Management is a native knowledge base where you can create, categorize, maintain, track, and secure articles. With the ability to embed images, videos, and related content, and provide related actions (deep linking into Workday or externally), Workday’s knowledge base fuels the employee experience as the single, current, accurate, and authoritative version of the truth.

Help is planned for general availability with Workday 2020R2. There is a cost, a signed ISA is required, and you must also uptake Workday Today. Help will integrate with Workday Assistant and natural workspaces.

By meeting employees where they are and displaying personalized and relevant content, Workday’s People Experience simplifies processes and reduces friction enabling your employees to focus on productivity.

Looking to deploy Workday People Experience? Download our product sheet below to find out what questions you should be asking before your deployment and how Alight can help you answer them.