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Alight named by Fortune as one of the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ in 2024

Transform Employee Experience with the Alight Worklife® Platform

When you invest in your people, you invest in your business. We can help.

One platform to meet the challenges of the modern workforce

Connect health, wealth, payroll and leaves in one place to cut complexities and empower your workforce with Alight Worklife’s integrated and AI-powered cloud platform.

Here’s the Challenge

Fragmented systems create a struggling workforce

Employers continue to add new benefits and wellbeing programs, but without HR and benefits system integration, these programs create a chaotic landscape that serves to confuse employees and exhaust resources.

Here’s how we solve it

Pull your HR, benefits, payroll and leaves into one centralized ecosystem

Seamlessly connect health, wealth, payroll and leaves in one convenient, secure place with Alight Worklife’s integrated and AI-powered cloud platform.

AI technology that listens, learns and adapts to your people & HR process

Alight LumenAITM is at the core of our Alight Worklife® platform. With Alight LumenAI, you can predict the needs, risks and opportunities of your workforce. Get AI technology that:

Automates routine HR processes and reduces administrative overhead

Frees your team to focus on strategic priorities

Gives you a personalized, omni-channel way to reach your people through their preferred method of contact

Turn data into tangible results

Optimize your existing HR and benefits investments with ROI tracking and value dashboards that help you measure and assess how your employees are using your benefits programs. Get the data you need to improve talent retention and acquisition, and the self-service tools needed to manage budgets and automate workflows.

Send meaningful messages on demand

Engage employees in their own wellbeing and create personalized journeys around significant work and life moments. With AI personalization, you get ready-made content and custom messaging that targets the right employees at the right time to offer support with:

  • Benefits elections
  • Medical billing
  • Mental and physical health
  • Retirement savings & finances
  • Leaves
  • Payroll

See the impact of AI-fueled Alight Worklife in action

Learn about Alight LumenAI

ROI achieved by consumer goods manufacturer within the first nine months of investing in healthcare navigation solutions from Alight
The number of targeted employees at a large retailer who increased their 401(k) contributions by 4.2% after receiving more personalized messaging
Increase in Employee Assistance Program (EAP) utilization by large pharmaceutical client. Data from 4.5 million touchpoints was leveraged to curate more personalized experiences

Improve employee wellbeing and employer outcomes

Key problems solved for employers

Talent retention – Easily retain your most important people with employee self-service and world-class onboarding

Cost optimization – Control benefit program costs with utilization tracking and turnkey engagement campaigns that increase participation in high-deductible, high-cost medical plans and reimbursement accounts 

Productivity – Save time with AI-driven content and automation tools that allow you to focus on core business activity

Holistic wellbeing – Benefits and programs for a healthier mind, body, wallet and life, including concierge healthcare navigation, financial planning resources, retirement planning, personalized wellness guidance, stress management support and more

Integrated HR and payroll experience – Seamless onboarding and an enhanced employee with HR, payroll, benefits and leaves located in a single ecosystem

Social equity – Inclusive design and visuals, multiple language settings and spousal/significant other access to ensure each employee is seen and valued

Alight Worklife Cloud Solutions

Alight Worklife’s Cloud technology provides solutions that are designed to integrate and scale to your organization’s specific needs while improving employee wellbeing


Deliver a personalized health benefits experience starting with enrollment and continuing 24/7/365.


Help your people plan for retirement and drive better financial decisions from hire to retire.


Administer payroll with ease and flexibility throughout the U.S. and globally.


Make leave of absence work for everyone by managing simple or complex leaves with respect, care and compassion.

See Alight Worklife in action.

Meet with an Alight expert and see a personalized, in-depth demo of our employee experience platform

Customer success stories

Case Study: Siemens Energy & Alight Healthcare Navigation

Learn more about how companies are embracing Alight Worklife® and Alight Healthcare Navigation to boost employee engagement and wellbeing-- improving outcomes and saving significant costs.

Alight Worklife customer success stories

Learn more about how companies are embracing Alight Worklife to transform the employee experience.

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