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Alight named by Fortune as one of the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ in 2024

Alight Well®

A healthy mind, body, wallet and life wellbeing solution

Engagement through personal wellbeing plans and incentives

Create a seamless wellbeing journey for employees

Our research shows that despite employers’ efforts, employee wellbeing continues to struggle— less than half (44%) of workers perceive their overall wellbeing as good1. Alight Well offers digitally enabled and data-driven employee wellbeing programs, including team and individual challenges, incentives, gamification and personalized communications, to drive year-round engagement for employees and their eligible family members. 

Here’s the Challenge

Employees are struggling

It’s difficult to engage employees in healthy behaviors

Here’s how we solve it

Enable a healthy mind, body, wallet and life for your people

Personal wellbeing plans help improve productivity and increase retention for your organization.

Engaging your people in staying well all year long

Alight Well’s timely, personalized communications do more than educate — they drive sustained engagement in your wellbeing programs. 

Personalized guidance

Continuous flow of wellbeing and benefits data to suggest personalized actions 

Better insights for better outcomes

Alight Worklife provides insights to optimize the wellbeing strategy 

Encouraging results through rewards

Targeted incentives, resulting in decreased healthcare costs, improved healthy behaviors and increased financial security. 

More of what’s possible with Alight Well

For employers

Simplify the employee wellbeing journey and increase engagement Listing 1 description


  • Aggregate disparate HR, benefits, wellbeing and healthcare data
  • Decrease healthcare costs
  • Simplify complex incentive programs

Give your people ease of support on their wellbeing journey 


  • Make healthier decisions
  • Achieve your wellbeing goals
  • Mange your wellbeing simply and conveniently

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