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Case Study: Iress

By partnering with Alight to leverage knowledge, expertise and guidance, Iress have now transformed how they use Workday

The background

Iress went live on Workday in 2016 consolidating five HRIS systems that had been inherited through acquisitions into a single global platform. The team were pleased with their new technology however Workday could do so much more than the team had expected, and the lean people team were not staffed to maximise Workday to its full potential. As a result, Iress was simply leveraging the platform as a data repository. Not only were the team missing out on all that Workday could deliver but this also caused issues with engagement and satisfaction.

A pivotal moment occurred when the team started work one morning and noticed that the Workday user interface had changed. They quickly realised that they had failed to address the Workday feature release that was put into production over the weekend. This was a major worry for the team knowing that the critical regression testing had not been completed and that risk processes could have been broken by new features released. It was then that the operations team knew they needed help with both managing and optimizing Workday.

Prior to partnering with Alight, I would describe our processes and operations as chaos. Workday could do so much more than we had expected, and we had been so focused on the deployment project we hadn’t really thought about how we would drive value from the platform after go-live.

Laura Rawlinson
Senior People Partner - Service Design/Service Delivery

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