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Alight HR Services, the next-level HR administration in AU

HR services

Next-level HR administration 

Our different levels of service can free up time in your day and give your people confidence throughout theirs. 

It’s good to ask for help

While cloud-based technology has simplified a lot of what you do, your team may still be stretched. Our HR services can automate time-consuming tasks, so you can focus on what matters: becoming a more strategic business partner and delivering the best experience to your people.

Here's the challenge

There aren't enough hours in the day

Regardless of whether your HR is in the cloud or not, providing HR services to your workforce requires time and resources and this can distract from your strategic objectives.

Here's how we solve it

Get help around the clock

You need a partner who’s able to take on your HR administration services while still taking care of your workforce's HR needs — allowing you to fill a bigger role in your organisation.

Provide your employees with a reliable employee experience 

Our service centres, chat services and self-service request portals ensure that reliable HR is available with various language options as well as tailor-made systems and processes. Whether your employees have serious challenges, or simply need help navigating your systems, consider it taken care of. 

Identify room for improvement 

Your cloud HR system successfully helps manage employees, but do your processes leverage the technology in the right way? We go beyond taking care of day-to-day admin to pinpointing where processes could be improved and analysing what data and trends say about your people.

Stay secure and compliant 

Staying compliant doesn't have to be complicated. We stay on top of changing local country regulations, review any new legal requirements and also recommend process improvements to keep you running smoothly.

Leverage the data at your fingertips

Regardless of whether you're using cloud technology, your HR platform stores a wealth of information about your organisation's biggest asset — your people. By reducing the amount of time spent on HR services, your team can focus on helping your business to make strategic people decisions, backed by your data.

What else is possible with HR Services?

For employers

We provide your workforce with support across the globe in 25 languages across more than 50 delivery centres. Wherever you are, we'll save your time allowing you to focus on bigger business objectives.


  • Develop confidence in your data through our data quality management (DQM) solutions    
  • Digital journey planning to ensure that your HR system and processes continuously meet your employee needs    
  • Confidence that your employee's needs are handled with care and excellence
Alight HR Services benefits for AU employers

We work together to make your employee experience enjoyable and usable for everyone.  


  • Intuitive and easily accessible help and support
  • Local languages for your multi-country workforce
  • Help your employees feel in control of their HR experience
Alight HR Services benefits for AU employers

Ready to get started?  

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