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Journey through the Alight CFO Roundtable: Navigating the Future of Finance with AI and ML


Setting the Stage

The Alight CFO Roundtable ‘AI and ML Transformation in Enterprise Finance – Navigating the Future with Workday’, unfolded as a pivotal event, drawing together influential figures in the financial landscape. A diverse audience, including Alight leadership, Global CFO and COO Katie Rooney, and other CFOs from leading organisations in Singapore, gathered for a three-and-a-half-hour exploration of the evolving role of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in finance.

Keynote Insights: The Future of Finance

The event commenced with an engaging introduction session led by Anirban Dass, breaking the ice to encourage seamless interaction among attendees. This set the stage for Katie’s keynote address, where she skilfully navigated through the uncertainties of the macroeconomic landscape. Katie touched on topics such as the transformational impact of data and analytics strategies, the role of AI in governance and finance, and the changing skill sets required for the modern CFO. The exploration also delved into the intriguing concept of capital activism and the delicate balance between short-term and long-term financial strategies.

Workday's Vision: Merging AI with Financial Strategy

A pivotal moment in the roundtable unfolded with a presentation from Workday's Lee Thong, who unravelled the intricacies of merging AI with financial strategy. The audience was taken on a journey through the fundamental aspects of AI and ML, understanding their meaning in the context of finance. Workday's distinctive approach to addressing CFO challenges through AI and ML was illuminated, with insightful use cases showcasing automation and AI applications that enhanced efficiency and reduced discrepancies in financial processes.

Navigating Economic Uncertainty and Leadership Evolution

Sunil Pillai, the event host, facilitated a thought-provoking Q&A session that navigated the nuances of economic uncertainty. The discussion delved into strategies for adapting financial approaches in volatile conditions, offering valuable insights into planning, forecasting and risk management. The event also explored the evolving leadership landscape in finance, emphasising  the necessity for leaders to adapt their styles to meet the dynamic needs of the sector.

Conclusion – Connecting, Reflecting and Moving Forward

The Alight CFO Roundtable culminated with a networking-over-cocktails session, providing a platform for attendees to connect, share insights and build lasting professional relationships. The event, a convergence of expertise and innovative vision, not only deepened the understanding of AI and ML in finance but also paved the way for collaborative efforts in navigating the future of financial strategies. As the curtains closed on this transformative roundtable, participants left with enriched perspectives, ready to apply newfound insights to their roles in the ever-evolving landscape of enterprise finance.

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