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Tokopedia’s exceptional transformation journey into redefining its workplace of tomorrow

While emerging technologies are disrupting organisations faster than we can predict, what are organisations doing right to stay ahead in the curve?

The organisations that have been at the forefront are the ones that have put a strong focus on predicting what the future will demand and have adopted the right approach to prepare themselves for it. 

Tokopedia is an Indonesian tech company that aims to bring together merchants and consumers to a single platform. As a leader in the e-commerce space, Tokopedia wants to “democratise commerce through technology” and create an ecosystem where anyone can start and discover new ways of shopping online.

The workplace culture at Tokopedia is guided by the following three values: Focus on customer, Growth mindset, Make it happen, Make it better.

In this exclusive video interaction, Yusin L, Head of People Partner, Tokopedia shared with Alight how critical it was for them to go digital being such a high-growth company and what were their priorities when they decided to embark on their digital transformation journey.

Yusin shared, “Tokopedia is not just a marketplace company; we are a technology company and we have grown our business into digital products and also into a financial technology business because our mission is to democratise commerce through technology. We have grown our business so fast that the HR team has to grow along with our business. We want to ensure our employees have a great journey and we want them to have a great experience from beginning to end. And that is why going digital was very important for us.”

He further added that understanding business needs and aligning HR with business vision is not easy. “The Alight team helped us with setting the right change management process to move the processes from the organisation handbook to the system and make sure it is easily adopted by our people.”

Watch the full video to find out what went into making Tokopedia´s digital transformation journey so successful and how partnering with Alight Solutions helped them go digital and derive the best out of their HR technology.

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