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Alight hat eine Vereinbarung über die Veräußerung der Geschäftsbereiche Payroll und Professional Services an eine Tochtergesellschaft von H.I.G. Capital getroffen. Mehr erfahren

Alight pairs data and artificial intelligence to transform the HR experience and drive business outcomes

Alight Worklife helps deliver superior employee experiences that become catalysts for enterprise growth

Lincolnshire, IL Apr 8, 2021 |

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Alight Solutions, a leading cloud-based provider of integrated digital human capital and business solutions, today announced Alight Worklife, an enterprise technology platform that drives measurable value through highly personalized interactions with employees.
Alight Worklife brings Alight’s industry-leading technology together into a single platform with a focus on shaping employee experiences and driving better outcomes for employers and their people. With Alight Worklife, employees can easily access and engage with their HR and benefits applications anytime, anywhere. For their part, employers can use analytics and AI to provide employees with targeted support that drives engagement, boosts productivity and improves retention across the enterprise.
Greater value for employees

Alight Worklife’s suite of web-based tools is integrated with the mobile app to deliver a seamless digital experience for employees. Alight Worklife uses a robust data engine and AI to send personalized HR and benefits recommendations, based on peoples’ life situations and engagement, to their preferred channel or device. This allows employees to make better decisions and maximize the employer benefits provided to them.
“Employers have a unique opportunity to help their people who face a constant barrage of information in their digitally-driven lives, but have trouble understanding what’s important and how to act on it,” said Colin Brennan, chief product strategy & services officer at Alight. “Alight Worklife aggregates, surfaces and personalizes data in a way that engages employees at their point of need and helps them make smarter decisions around their health, wealth and wellbeing.”
Transformative results for organizations

Alight Worklife equips organizations with data-driven insights on how employees are engaging with HR and their benefits that employers can use to improve employee experiences and tie them to transformative results. Employers can benchmark against industry metrics based on human capital and business data managed by Alight for more than 4,300 organizations and 30 million employees and their family members.
“Organizations continue to rapidly invest in transformation, but many aren’t seeing meaningful improvement in employee experiences, so it’s becoming increasingly clear that much of that investment is wasted,” said Greg Goff, chief product & technology officer at Alight. “For employers striving for greater productivity and increased efficiency, Alight Worklife gives them unique insights into how employee decisions and behaviors are impacting top- and bottom-line performance.”
Scalable solutions for enterprise growth

Alight Worklife is the platform that powers Alight’s three core cloud-based solutions, which are designed to scale and meet the specific needs of organizations and their people:

  • Health Cloud – Alight administers benefits, navigates the healthcare system, and provides personalized support to help employees make smarter, cost-effective health decisions for themselves and their families. By having a healthier and better-informed workforce, organizations can reduce their healthcare spend, control downstream costs and improve overall benefits program satisfaction.
  • Wealth Cloud – Alight’s intelligent, highly personalized tools help employees navigate financial uncertainty, manage day-to-day financial obligations, and save for retirement. By integrating the full financial picture of employees’ lives, from everyday budgeting to managing life events, organizations can reduce employees’ financial stress and build and sustain a productive workforce.
  • Payroll Cloud – Alight’s modernized payroll systems ensure employees are paid accurately, on-time, and on their channel of choice, including digital wallets. Organizations can also analyze global pay data more thoroughly with AI and robotic process automation and meet all compliance requirements.

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Über Alight Solutions

Von der Überzeugung geleitet, dass der Erfolg eines Unternehmens mit seinen Mitarbeitern beginnt, bietet Alight Solutions cloudbasierte, integrierte und digitale Human Capital- und Businesslösungen. Alight nutzt proprietäre KI- und Datenanalysen und optimiert Business Process as a Service (BPaaS), um mithilfe seines umfassenden Leistungsportfolios optimale Ergebnisse für Mitarbeiter und Arbeitgeber zu liefern. Alight unterstützt Mitarbeiter in den Bereichen Gesundheit, Vermögen und Arbeit und ermöglicht gleichzeitig globalen Organisationen, eine Hochleistungskultur aufzubauen. Mit über 16.000 engagierte Kollegen betreut das Unternehmen mehr als 36 Millionen Mitarbeiter und Familienmitglieder von Kunden. Erfahren Sie auf, wie wir Unternehmen jeder Größe unterstützen, einschließlich über 70 Prozent der Fortune 100-Firmen.

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