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Alight Global Employee Benefits

Global Employee Benefits

Make employee wellbeing a priority

Ensure a productive and engaged workforce, no matter where they work

Attracting and retaining talent has never been more important

Focusing on employee wellbeing is a crucial component to ensuring a competitive total benefits and rewards package. In today's dynamic business environment, companies need strong global solutions to link the value of employee benefit programs to the overall employer value proposition.

Here’s the challenge

Underutilised investment

According to a recent survey, companies spend an average of 22.8% of payroll on employee benefits worldwide, but without the right technology to personalize benefits to global employees’ needs and communicate that information in their preferred language, much of this investment can be lost.

Here’s how we solve it

Leveraging technology

We bring together an integrated solution that seamlessly provides employees an intuitive and integrated experience with access to personalised meaningful benefits and support in accessing and making full use of them.

Why does simplicity matter when it comes to benefits? Consider the following:


Employees said employee benefits were extremely or very important when considering whether to stay with their current employer. (1)


of employees don't fully understand the benefits offered to them. (2)


of employers admit they don’t fully understand or meet their workforce’s needs and desires. (3)


Higher appreciation of benefits with clear communication. (4)

(1) SOURCE: Forbes: Employee Benefits In 2023 (2) (3) (4) Source: Alight European Benefit Study

More of what’s possible with our Global Employee Benefits solution

For employers

Use future-forward tech and innovation that moves you forward


  • Make data-driven decisions from a single source of truth
  • Get peace of mind with GDPR compliance certifications
  • Retain better control and oversight of your benefit usage and cost
  • Accelerate efficiency with streamlined processes

One simple, personalised experience


  • Flexibility and choice to match their lifestyle
  • 24/7 access for ease of use
  • Tailored benefits and personalised, omni-channel communications that are easier to understand
  • A globally consistent digital portal — web and mobile — with intuitive navigation

Frequently asked questions

Have a particular question about Global Employee Benefits? We've answered some of the most commonly asked questions.

Alight Global Employee Benefits is an integrated, centralised and standardised global benefits solution that provides employees with seamless and personalised access to their full range of benefits.

With support in 100 countries and 32 languages, you can choose the level of benefits administration that best fits your needs and scale up or down as your priorities change.

Our solution is fully independent. The Software is designed to fit seamlessly within your broker and consultant ecosystem, without conflict of interests.

With a mobile-first single sign-on, employees can navigate and access all the benefits in one place providing an intuitive resource for better understanding and use of perks.

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