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5 Tips to Maximise Your Workday Rising EMEA Experience

By Nicola MacDonald-Dodin, Director, International Growth & Transformation, Alight Solutions

Workday Rising EMEA is just around the corner, and it's the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Workday, connect with industry experts, and take your professional development to the next level. Having been to every Workday Rising EMEA since its first show 9 years ago, we’ve asked our Workday Rising EMEA veteran Nicola MacDonald-Dodin to share five valuable tips that will ensure your experience is both enriching and memorable.

  1. Connect with Fellow Customers: One of the most significant advantages of attending Workday Rising EMEA is the opportunity to connect with other Workday customers. Building relationships with peers who share similar experiences can be incredibly beneficial. These connections can provide you with insights into how other organisations are leveraging Workday, share best practices, and even offer solutions to common challenges. Use this conference as a platform to network and forge lasting relationships. Engage in conversations, exchange contact information, and stay connected long after the event is over. Who knows, you might find a mentor, a collaborator, or a new friend in the Workday community.

        TOP TIP: Head to the Alight booth where we can help connect you with like-minded Workday           customers. Having completed 1,000 Workday projects, we’ve worked with some of the world’s           leading companies and would be delighted to help you forge meaningful connections.

  1. Attend a Diverse Range of Breakout Sessions: Workday Rising EMEA offers an extensive line-up of breakout sessions, covering a wide range of topics and skill levels. From product deep-dives to industry-specific discussions, there's something for everyone. To make the most of your experience, create a well-rounded schedule by attending sessions that cater to various aspects of Workday, including HR, finance, planning, and analytics. This diverse approach will broaden your knowledge and provide you with a holistic understanding of how Workday can transform your organisation. Don't forget to take notes, ask questions, and engage with the presenters and your fellow attendees to maximise your learning experience.

  2. Explore Braindates for Problem-Solving: Workday Rising EMEA offers Braindate sessions, a unique and effective way to get your most pressing questions answered by Workday experts (often certified experts too). These one-on-one or group conversations with subject-matter experts and industry peers allow you to dive deep into specific topics. Take advantage of Braindates to address your organisation's unique challenges and gain valuable insights. It's a fantastic opportunity to collaborate and brainstorm with experts who can offer guidance, share their experiences, and help you find solutions to your most pressing problems.

  3. Visit the Workday Expo: The Workday Expo is a hub of innovation, featuring the latest Workday product updates, solutions, and services. Take the time to explore the expo to see how Workday is evolving and how new features can benefit your organisation. Speak with Workday partners to see how you can both optimise and complement your platform. You may discover features and tools that you were previously unaware of, which could be game changers for your business.

        TOP TIP: Ask for a demo of Alight Worklife to be entered into a prize drawing to win a                          €500 gift card. You won’t want to miss this one!

  1. Create a Personal Action Plan: As the conference unfolds, it's easy to get overwhelmed with the abundance of information and surround events. To ensure you don't miss out on valuable takeaways, create a personal action plan before heading to the conference. Prioritise the most important sessions and activities, set specific goals for your attendance, and outline how you'll implement what you've learned after the event. This plan will help you stay organised, focused, and ensure you can immediately apply your newfound knowledge when you return to your workplace.

        TOP TIP: Make sure the Alight Light It Up party is earmarked on your agenda. The acclaimed            party has been running for over 7 years and is a firm favourite with the Workday community.

Workday Rising EMEA is an excellent opportunity for Workday users to connect, learn, and grow. By following these five tips shared by Nicola, you'll maximise your experience and return to your organisation with new skills, valuable insights, and a network of supportive peers. Whether you're a seasoned Workday user or just starting your Workday journey, this conference promises to be an event that propels your professional development forward. Get ready to make the most of Workday Rising EMEA!

Learn more about the exciting activities Alight has planned at Workday Rising EMEA here.

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