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Prym Group delivers an employee-centric HR model powered by SAP SuccessFactors

About Prym Group

  • Founded: 1530; Prym is the second oldest German company and is majority family owned
  • Industry: Fashionable fastening systems and accessories, unique range of handicraft products, complex electromechanical components
  • Workforce: 3,300 employees in 18 different countries; Stolberg, Germany HQ

Prym Group, with its four divisions and global footprint, faced increasing challenges with the maintenance of their growing workforce.

The organization was looking to digitally transform HR and align the multiple HRIS systems used to manage over 25 business units with renewed growth ambitions. By partnering with Alight, Prym Group built a more digitally enabled, employee-centric HR ecosystem to seamlessly service their most crucial areas of HR delivery.

Key takeaways:

  • SAP SuccessFactors helps minimize complexity and centralizes HR technologies to house recruiting, onboarding and offboarding, performance and goal setting, compensation, learning and development, and succession in one place.
  • Digital HR transformation lends the flexibility needed to accommodate varying global nuances.
  • A comprehensive Human Capital Management (HCM) solution provides the change management needed to mitigate the challenges of a global workforce.
  • SAP SuccessFactors helps organizations pivot from heavy administrative duties to a more strategic focus on growth and workforce wellness.

International expansion fueled by HR transformation

In March 2022, Prym Group selected Alight to help deliver a more digitally enabled and employee-centric approach to HR technology and HR service delivery across 18 countries. With reporting and performance management spread across many different business units and countries, the alignment of HR systems became a top priority for Prym. Alight offered the end-to-end global HR platform Prym needed to pull their four divisions into one cohesive ecosystem. Supported by technology from SAP SuccessFactors solutions, Prym was able to standardize HR processes for increased visibility across operations and optimize investment in their human capital. 

A phased approach to change management and user adoption

The introduction of a new Human Capital Management (HCM) system at Prym required significant change management and user adoption efforts. Numerous factors had to be taken into consideration, including variations in user preferences and local practices, to ensure that employees and managers embraced the new system and utilized its features effectively. 
 To address complexities and achieve a balance between standardization and localization, Alight helped Prym take a phased approach to the new HCM system implementation. Each SAP SuccessFactors module was introduced gradually to ensure functionality and adoption before moving to the next. This approach allowed for better integration of the system into Prym’s existing operations.  

Additionally, regular meetings and workshops were scheduled to improve communication and alignment among key stakeholders, including internal HR, external consultants and Alight. These meetings helped establish a shared understanding of project goals, roles and responsibilities for smooth decision-making and transparency. Necessary support was provided to help with change management fatigue, and to set realistic expectations around project deliverables and milestones. 


Prym’s successful launch of modules including Employee Central (EC) and recruiting, established a centralized employee database, as well as improved analytics and reporting capabilities. Additionally, the new HCM system allowed for educated discussions based on accurate compensation details, saving the HR team time and enabling more strategic conversations. The implementation of SuccessFactors supported the company's shift from administrative HR functions toward a more strategic business partnership approach, with its full potential yet to be realized. Through constructive collaboration, clear communication and alignment among stakeholders, the project was a success and provided shape for future approaches to change management and system implementation. 

What’s next: 

Looking ahead, Prym’s focus remains on talent management, development and retention. SuccessFactors, once fully leveraged, is expected to play a central role in these efforts. Prym aims to use the system for performance management, succession planning, and the building of a comprehensive learning curriculum. The goal is to create a seamless experience for employees where they’re empowered to develop their skills and progress within the company. Additionally, the client aims to explore opportunities for system integration to further streamline HR processes, alleviating administrative burden on HR teams and enabling more strategic conversations.

Start the transformation:

Alight’s end-to-end Professional Services (Advisory, Deployment, Optimization and Operations) cover the full suite of SAP HXM and Payroll. As SAP experts with experience on more than 2,000 projects, we have the tools and abilities to pave clear paths to digital transformation for companies of varying size and deployment approach. 

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