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Empowering Tomorrow: A Glimpse into Alight's Vision Through My Eyes

By Sahil Shankar Talreja, Workday Specialist

As an eager Alight colleague, I recently had the privilege of attending a town hall where our CFO, Katie Rooney, shared insights that have left me feeling both inspired and motivated. Not only did I attend this town hall, but also all our Alight colleagues from India joined in. Each of us was in awe of the latest innovations that our teams are working on across the globe.

Here, I'd like to reflect on the key highlights that resonated with me as an employee, emphasising the passion and innovation that defines Alight.

1. Diverse Excellence Across Industries

One of the things that struck me was the sheer breadth of Alight's impact. Katie highlighted our mastery across diverse industries – from Financial Services to Healthcare and beyond. It made me proud to be part of a company that excels in such a wide range of sectors.

2. Partnerships Driving Innovation

Katie delved into the strategic partnerships Alight has forged, such as with Workday, SFSF, and Oracle. As an employee, it's exciting to know that we are not just keeping pace with industry trends but actively contributing to them. The emphasis on innovation, showcased through products like Alight Pay and Generative AI, reflects our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology.

3. Employee Focus and Unity

The call for bringing a global perspective with local expertise struck a chord with me. We are not just employees; we are a diverse and talented family. The focus on finishing the year strong and supporting each other resonated deeply. Our Centres of Excellence are not just structures; they are support systems fostering unity and collaboration.

4. Alight Worklife®, a Catalyst for Change

As Katie unveiled the future of Global Payroll with Alight Worklife, I couldn't help but feel a sense of anticipation. The Alight Worklife platform is not just a tool; it's a gamechanger in employee experience. From wellbeing to engagement and administration, it's designed to drive measurable outcomes. As an employee, I appreciate that Alight is investing in our holistic wellbeing.

5. Market Positioning and Collective Pride

The pride in Alight's market positioning as the employee experience platform was palpable. Katie encouraged us to take pride in our achievements – in outcomes, expertise, and teamwork. As an employee, it's heartening to know that I contribute to a company that values and acknowledges the collective effort of its team.

In closing, I'm excited about the journey ahead. Let's embrace the challenges as opportunities and let the spirit of innovation and collaboration guide us. Together, as united Alight colleagues, we are not just witnessing change; we are driving it.

Here's to empowering tomorrow and creating a future in which we can all be proud.

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