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Introducing the APAC Payroll Complexity Index Report: Unlocking Insights for Successful Business Operations

The Alight APAC Payroll Complexity Index is an APAC specific simplified extract of Alight's Global Payroll Complexity Index (GPCI), a biennial benchmarking survey that ranks the complexity of payroll processes in the top 40 countries, * focusing on crucial factors such as tax regulations, mandatory deductions, social security contributions and reporting requirements.

APAC Countries with Reduced Payroll Complexity in 2023

As APAC continues to establish itself as a global economic powerhouse, organizations are expanding their presence across multiple countries within this vast territory. However, managing payroll across diverse jurisdictions, varying regulatory frameworks, and unique cultural considerations can present significant complexities. In the APAC Payroll Complexity Report, we delve into the intricacies of payroll regulations, compliance requirements, and cultural nuances across major APAC countries.

Our experts from around the world ranked the countries based on the various factors affecting payroll processing in APAC countries and ranked Australia as the most complex country followed by China, India, Philippines, and New Zealand.

Top 3 most complex countries

Top 3 most complex countries

* The Alight APAC Payroll Complexity Index is an APAC specific simplified extract of Alight's Global Payroll Complexity Index (GPCI)

Unlock the Power of APAC Payroll:

The APAC Payroll Complexity Report serves as your go-to resource for understanding the intricacies of payroll operations within the APAC region. Whether you are an established multinational corporation or a growing start-up, this report empowers you with the insights needed to navigate the APAC payroll landscape with confidence.

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