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From Burning Platforms to Cloud Horizons: Alight’s Journey to HR Innovation

By Robert Stegeman, Research and Advisory Centre

Staying ahead in the fast-changing corporate environment of today requires a strategic shift towards innovation and adaptation rather than merely keeping up.

Moving to the cloud is a crucial platform for change, pointing organisations towards a future characterised by HR efficiency, innovation, compliance, resilience and agility. Even more so now that big software houses such as SAP are planning their end-of-life for on-premise systems.

Improving HR efficiency

The cloud is the driving force behind HR transformation, automating and streamlining processes and opening new possibilities for efficiency.

Organisations can say goodbye to laborious manual activities by using cloud-based solutions. This frees HR professionals to concentrate on more strategic projects.

From automated onboarding processes and streamlined talent management to payroll processes, the cloud forms the backbone of an agile and efficient HR function.

Driving innovation

The cloud is at the forefront of innovation. Released from the limitations of conventional infrastructure, organisations can test, refine and roll out innovative solutions at an unprecedented pace.

Adopting the cloud fosters a culture of innovation, pushing HR professionals to explore new approaches to talent management, learning and development as well as employee engagement.

"Fifty-six percent of HR leaders confirmed that their HR technology does not match their current and future business needs, such as digital transformation."

Gartner, Top 5 Priorities for HR Leaders in 2024

Compliance in the cloud

Compliance is a burning issue for many organisations around the globe. In the complex global landscape of regulatory requirements, the cloud can reduce risk and ensure greater compliance.

We work with clients who realise their HR function is vulnerable to global business risks. The cloud offers a secure and compliant environment for HR data.

Data protection and integrity is ensured by cloud-based HR systems, which provides a buffer against compliance concerns and potential data breaches.

Building resilience and agility

Developing agility and resilience in today’s fast-paced world is vital. The cloud gives HR the resources it needs to quickly adjust to changing conditions, whether they are adapting to workforce changes or responding to market shifts.

Improving employee experience

Improving employee experience is at the core of many HR transformations. HR solutions that are hosted on the cloud give workers instant access to data. This can promote an open and dynamic work environment.

The cloud redefines employee interactions with HR processes, meaning a seamless and user-friendly experience accessible also via mobile.

Real-time information and analytics

Real-time information and analytics are key to strategic insights in the age of data-driven decision-making.

HR leaders can now analyse workforce trends, spot areas for improvement and make well-informed decisions by utilising the capabilities provided by the cloud.

When discussing the EU Equal Pay Directive, cloud-based analytics play a crucial role in guaranteeing equitable and transparent compensation policies.

Laying the foundation for the future of work

The cloud is the key enabler for the future of work. As organisations embrace remote and hybrid work models, cloud-based HR systems provide the infrastructure for seamless collaboration and communication.

The cloud’s flexibility helps to set the stage for a world where work has no boundaries since it is in line with the changing demands of the workforce.


Moving to the cloud is a strategic imperative that goes beyond conventional lines rather than just being a technology change.

Organisations can use the power of the cloud as platform of change with agility, resilience and a renewed focus on HR efficiency and innovation.

Those who embrace the cloud will find success, not just survival, in the future of work as we discuss in our blog: Sustainable payroll: What you can do to ensure your payroll stays relevant.

Ready to embark on your own journey to HR innovation and success in the cloud? Let Alight guide you through the transformation. Contact us today to explore how we can shape the future of your HR landscape together.

Robert Stegeman
Robert Stegeman
By Robert Stegeman

Robert Stegeman is leading Alight's UK and Ireland Advisory practice, driving cloud-enabled HR transformation programs and optimising HR operating models for maximum alignment with organisational strategies.
With a track record of achievements, he is a trusted partner for successful HR transformations that empower organisations to thrive.

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