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2023 Alight Workforce and Wellbeing Mindset Study: United Kingdom

In its 13th year, the 2nd year including Europe, the 2023 Alight Workforce and Wellbeing Mindset Study: United Kingdom is our annual look at employees’ wellbeing attitudes and needs, overall employee experiences, culture, total rewards and workplace technology.

505 employees in the United Kingdom were surveyed during April 2023. This report is a fascinating insight into the mindset of employees in UK during these uncertain times.

Highlights of the UK report

  • Nearly a fifth (18%) of employees are much more or somewhat more concerned about job stability
  • 72% are suffering from moderate to high levels of stress
  • Nearly two-fifths (37%) have experienced low morale due to stress
  • 36% of employees in the UK rate their wellbeing highly
  • Only 16% always have money left over at the end of the month

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