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Alight Solutions Human Capital offers solutions for work, life and business

Human Capital

Would you work for you?

You understand your employees need resources and motivation to do well at work. But their job is only half the equation. When you start caring about and problem solving for the other parts of their lives, you begin to create a rewarding, high-performance culture.

It’s time to step up for your people

Your people drive your strategy, manage your assets, pursue your vision and deliver your customer experience. On top of work, they’re concerned about their personal health, wellbeing and financial security. In order for them to focus on the business, you have to first focus on them.

Alight Human Capital solutions
Alight human capital solutions are tailored around health, wealth and work

Meet all their work and life needs all in one place

Picture one place to support your people personally and professionally, from their first day on the job through to retirement. Our human capital solutions are tailored around the challenges faced by your people in the areas that matter most to your business: health, wealth and work. It’s the height of HR transformation, and it's our specialty.

Make decision-making effortless with our Alight AI and analytics power solutions

Make decision-making effortless

AI and analytics power our solutions so we can present meaningful, hyper-personalized content in the moments that matter to your people like during enrollment, after an injury, or on a Tuesday. When your people have the right insights, engaging in their wellbeing becomes instinct.

Alight Human Capital helps you with the challenges your people and your business face every day

Free up head space for bigger thinking

The problems your people and your business face are unique and demand attention. You need solutions that lighten the load, solve those day-to-day challenges, and make room for more strategic thinking. We’re here to lend a hand or put our heads together. All 15,000 of us.

Alight analytics helps you make the very best decisions

Be a master of change

It’s never too early to plot your next move. We help you make the very best decisions quickly, easily and confidently with analytics from our 30M participants, 200M+ customer interactions, plus a bedrock of industry expertise.

Solutions for work and life and business

Take care of your business and your people. With deep insights and deeper expertise, we know how to meet your most pressing workforce needs.

Ready to transform your human capital? Take the first step.

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It all comes together in the cloud

Make smarter decisions, navigate choice and create impactful experiences for your people. Powered by AI and analytics, our person-centric cloud platform will take your business higher by connecting people, work and life.