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Human Capital

Would you work for you?

You understand your employees need resources and motivation to do well at work. But their job is only half the equation. When you start caring about and problem solving for the other parts of their lives, you begin to create a rewarding, high-performance culture.

It’s time to step up for your people

Your people drive your strategy, manage your assets, pursue your vision and deliver your customer experience. On top of work, they’re concerned about their personal health, wellbeing and financial security. In order for them to focus on the business, you have to first focus on them.

Meet all their work and life needs all in one place

Picture one place to support your people personally and professionally, from their first day on the job through to retirement. Our human capital solutions are tailored around the challenges faced by your people in the areas that matter most to your business: health, wealth and work. It’s the height of HR transformation, and it's our specialty.

Make decision-making effortless

AI and analytics power our solutions so we can present meaningful, hyper-personalized content in the moments that matter to your people like during enrollment, after an injury, or on a Tuesday. When your people have the right insights, engaging in their wellbeing becomes instinct.

Free up head space for bigger thinking

The problems your people and your business face are unique and demand attention. You need solutions that lighten the load, solve those day-to-day challenges, and make room for more strategic thinking. We’re here to lend a hand or put our heads together. All 16,000 of us.

Be a master of change

It’s never too early to plot your next move. We help you make the very best decisions quickly, easily and confidently with analytics from our 35M participants, 200M+ customer interactions, plus a bedrock of industry expertise.

Solutions for work and life and business

Take care of your business and your people. With deep insights and deeper expertise, we know how to meet your most pressing workforce needs.

Frequently asked questions

Human capital refers to the knowledge and skills employees possess, which a company can use to improve its products, services and brand. Often, employees are the most valuable asset to an organization. 

One important aspect of human capital is Human Capital Management (HCM) – a set of practices and strategies that involve managing the end-to-end employee lifecycle to optimize productivity, improve engagement and enhance business outcomes. 

Adopting a human capital solution often involves significant changes to existing processes, systems, and workflows. Consider the impact on employees, their readiness for change, and the need for effective change management strategies to ensure successful implementation and minimize resistance.

By offering features such as wellbeing initiatives, employee feedback, and recognition programs, a human capital solution creates a supportive and engaging work environment. These features contribute to increased employee satisfaction, loyalty, and motivation, which, in turn, lead to higher retention rates. With a human capital solution in place, organizations can foster a positive employee experience, strengthen their employer brand, and ultimately retain their top talent for long-term success.

Organizations can gain valuable insights into their employees' performance, skills, engagement levels, and overall workforce trends by leveraging human capital data. It helps identify areas for improvement, forecast future workforce needs, and measure the impact of HR initiatives. The insights align their HR efforts with business goals, ultimately driving better outcomes and maximizing the potential of their human capital.

A human capital solution includes monitoring employee engagement and satisfaction, conducting sentiment analysis, and implementing feedback mechanisms to ensure an inclusive and equitable work environment.

Additionally, it impacts DEI by:

  • Providing tools and features for tracking and analyzing workforce demographics
  • Supporting inclusive hiring practices
  • Facilitating DEI training programs

Quantify the value of your human capital by linking proposed human capital initiatives to business outcomes, relevant use cases and measurable KPIs - showing decision-makers a tangible impact story. Want to learn more? Read our insights article "How to maximize the ROI of HR".

Alight has a large library of case studies demonstrating how we provide human capital solutions for a wide range of clients. Our more than 16,000 colleagues span the globe, proudly serving 4,300 clients and their more than 36 million employees and dependents.

A human capital solution supports remote workforce management and engagement in several key areas:

  • providing access to HR tools and resources
  • enabling virtual onboarding and training
  • supporting remote performance management
  • offering communication and collaboration features, and
  • promoting employee wellbeing and engagement through virtual programs

Typically, implementation can range from a few weeks to several months. Timelines may vary depending on the complexity of the organization's HR processes, the size of the workforce, and the customization requirements.

Key considerations include:

  • defining implementation goals
  • conducting a thorough needs assessment
  • selecting a suitable human capital solution provider
  • allocating resources for data migration and system configuration
  • ensuring stakeholder involvement and training, and
  • establishing a phased implementation approach

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