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Alight Employee Onboarding

Unlock a new era of onboarding excellence

Alight Employee Onboarding (AEO) revolutionizes the onboarding journey, turning it into a seamless, empowering experience for both employees and employers. Say goodbye to traditional methods of onboarding and embrace the future of engagement.

Transform your employee onboarding

AEO redefines the onboarding process and instills confidence and excitement from day one of a new employee’s journey. By addressing the limitations of traditional onboarding, AEO provides a comprehensive way to enhance retention and streamline onboarding – a real solution to the more than 38.6% of employees who leave a company within the first year

Here’s the challenge

Traditional onboarding often falls short

Generic checklists and overwhelming policy manuals leave new hires feeling disconnected and unsure. This impacts retention and productivity.

Here’s how we solve it

Revolutionary digital experience

AEO offers an intuitive and empowering portal for new hires. It allows self-service for paperwork, explores company culture pre-hire, enables benefits enrollment early, provides team/company knowledge, offers expert support and integrates with downstream HR systems.

Employees who leave within the first year


Projected increase in new hire productivity

Get more from AEO and transform new hire productivity

For employers

This purpose-built, HR solution is the quickest way to address the critical challenges commonly faced by both employers during onboarding.


  • Increase pre-hire engagement
  • Automate tedious paperwork
  • Improve talent retention

Give employees an automated, personalized hiring and onboarding experience that includes pre-day-one communication.


  • Seamless onboarding including guided benefits enrollment and automated I-9 verification
  • Convenient, mobile-first experience
  • Improved overall employee satisfaction

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