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Financial Wellness for Employees

Every financial journey needs an agile guide

We believe personalized support is the key to financial freedom

Answer anything

No matter their stage of life or career, your people want to make sure they’re on track to achieve financial wellness. With our help, you can offer the knowledge, tools and personalized support they need to feel confident about the future. 

Here’s the Challenge

Financial planning is intimidating

For the average person, financial planning can be tricky. Your people look to you for help, but since each individual’s situation is unique, choosing a solution that works for everyone seems almost impossible.

Here’s how we solve it

Help your people take control of their financial future

With our personalized financial support, your employees can better understand, navigate and improve their financial wellness.

of workers have a positive perception of their financial health 

2021 Employee Wellbeing Mindset Study


of employees are afraid of running out of money during retirement. 

2021 Employee Wellbeing Mindset Study

A financial journey is a personal one

We get to know your people so we can help them understand their unique financial identity. By helping them determine financial goals, manage resources and develop an appropriate plan, we set them on a career-long savings journey that meets their specific and personal needs. 

Advice means nothing without trust

Our professional advisors have on average 18 years of experience and don’t accept commission, so employees can truly trust their advice. After understanding individual needs, they can provide guidance on everything from retirement plan elections to personal finance and debt management.   

Keep people happy and engaged

Employees who feel confident about their finances can then take advantage of the full value of other company-provided benefits and improve their quality of life throughout their careers. We provide solutions designed to increase knowledge, trust and confidence in themselves — and in their employer. 

See more of what’s possible with our Financial Wellbeing solution

Personal financial planning

We combine digital and in-person guidance to create a robust, detailed financial plan based on each employee’s unique circumstances and financial goals. 


  • Generate a personalized financial profile with online planning software
  • Consult with licensed investment advisors
  • Build an individual plan across six key areas (income, savings, retirement, risk, tax, estates)

We help your people truly understand their retirement and health benefits and how to get the most out of them. 


  • Discover the optimal mix of benefits for employees and their family
  • Assess savings strategies and model financial scenarios
  • Better understand how insurance can protect from sudden loss of income

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