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Alight Total Health

Alight Total Health

Imagine healthcare that cuts costs

With Alight Total Health, analytics and clinical guidance help your people to make better healthcare decisions, improve employee outcomes and curb overspending, all on a single platform.

ROI Guaranteed

Managing benefits today is difficult. We get it. That’s why we power a simplified experience for your people and industry-leading insights for you. All of your benefits live on one cloud-based platform, so insights are shared, not siloed.

Here’s the Challenge

Benefits can be puzzling

Employees want to make the best decisions, but due to time, resources or sheer confusion, they often make decisions that cost them and your organization big.

Here’s how we solve it

Assemble the data

With one integrated platform, we can share greater insights on benefits. Now your people can make smart decisions across their entire wellbeing with the best cost and care in mind.
Alight Total Health anticipate employee needs

Insights that get you

AI and analytics anticipate employee needs, pinpoint gaps in care and encourage benefits usage when and where it makes sense. Predictive outreach algorithms identify people who are at higher risk for high-cost conditions or surgeries.

With Alight Total Health, save spend with high-quality, cost-effective care

Save spend with high-quality, cost-effective care

The most effective care is engaged from the start, avoiding costly providers, prescriptions and unnecessary procedures along the way. We connect people to clinical experts in a particular field based on experience, quality, and outcomes. Primary Care. Specialists. Cancer. Hip surgery. Autism Spectrum Disorder. Opioid misuse. We offer help for all conditions.

Alight Total Health leading-edge analytics

More of what’s possible with Alight Total Health

Powered by leading-edge analytics, you can act on insights...and give employees the hyper-personalized experience they expect in their everyday lives.

Guaranteed results

Evolve benefits programs Save money Drive outcomes with data and AI Increase adoption of wellbeing programs

For your organization

Engaging benefits platform to increase awareness and usage Guaranteed healthcare savings Data, analytics and insights to enable business growth Focused, productive and healthy employees

For your people

Personalized, seamless experience via one integrated platform and one card for all benefits Employees save out-of-pocket costs by using higher quality and lower cost providers and services Increased benefits satisfaction and smarter healthcare decisions Improved wellbeing, gaps in care compliance and appreciation of total rewards

More of what’s possible with Alight Total Health

Powered by leading-edge analytics, you can act on insights.....and give employees the hyper-personalized experience they expect in their everyday lives.

  • Benefits administration
  • Healthcare Navigation
  • Clinical Guidance
  • Reimbursement accounts
  • Eligibility & compliance
  • Customer care support
  • Personalized communications
  • Wellbeing programs

By making it simple for employees to choose and use their benefits, we can guarantee your health plan will save what it spent.

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