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Healthcare Navigation

This way to better health

Now your people can get the right care and clinical guidance from the start while saving money along the way.

Need a compass?

25% of people simply give up on navigating their benefits out of sheer confusion. Others make hasty decisions. Results show that these early decisions affect their quality of care and costs in big ways later on.

We can start them off on the right foot. With healthcare navigation and clinical guidance, we improve the quality, cost and experience of care from the get-go. Powered by analytics, research and experience, our platform pinpoints high-quality, low-cost recommendations across all types of care — creating serious savings for everyone.

Here’s the Challenge

Finding quality healthcare is tough

It’s nearly impossible for employees to navigate confusing healthcare lingo, expensive bills, rising premiums and varying costs without the right support.

Here’s how we solve it

Make it simple from the start

You need a partner to give expert medical opinions to your people on everything healthcare and how to find high-quality, cost-saving care that suits them. With healthcare navigation you can help employees find providers, review costs of procedures and bills and provide education, tailored research, and expert referrals.

Meet our solutions

Clinical Guidance

Trusted support for mental or physical health challenges or surgery. We connect people with deep clinical expertise and an advocate that can specifically address their needs in the moments that matter.

Behavioral Health Guidance

Support for workforce mental health that removes emotional and structural barriers to care. We lower the threshold for participants to take the first step toward help while retaining presenteeism and productivity on the job.

Cancer Guidance

Deep oncology expertise and personalized support for every diagnosis. We give employees, families and caregivers what they need to meet the unique challenges of their cancer journey.

Expert Medical Opinion

Connection to the nation’s top specialists for virtual expert medical opinions. Using live video, we empower people to ask questions about their diagnosis and find the best treatment options at a location that’s convenient for them.

SmartSelect MD

Patented search technology that makes it simple for people to find the best possible care. Leveraging rich data, we identify top-performing, cost-effective options for your people quickly while lowering overall company spend.

More of what’s possible with Healthcare Navigation

For employers

You’ve invested in a benefits strategy, but now it can finally find its North Star. Our Healthcare Navigation solutions put healthcare decisions in your people’s hands and guaranteed ROI in your pocket. And with an average NPS score of +80, other orgs think we’re on the right path, too. 


  • Improve health benefits satisfaction
  • Increase utilization of health benefits
  • Eliminate low quality providers who refer high cost care
  • Reduce costs while maintaining high quality of care
  • Build trusted relationships with your people around their wellbeing
  • Tackle the disproportionate cost of employees not correctly managing their condition
  • Identify people who are at higher risk for high-cost conditions or surgeries

Your people get unbiased guidance when selecting a health plan and personal support all year for medical, dental and vision benefits. Our Health Pro® and Medical Allies help verify care coverage, schedule appointments, transfer medical records and coordinate care. 


  • Find highly-rated, cost-effective providers
  • Provide education, tailored research, and expert referrals
  • Compare costs for care
  • Drive lower cost Rx options
  • Connect to the right program at the right time
  • Get help with medical bills

See how Alight Worklife can help guide your people through their most complex healthcare needs 

Customer story

Case Study: Siemens Energy & Alight Healthcare Navigation

Learn more about how companies are embracing Alight Worklife® and Alight Healthcare Navigation to boost employee engagement and wellbeing-- improving outcomes and saving significant costs.

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