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Pension Risk Transfer

Let’s make transactions seamless. Fast. Smooth. Secure.

Accelerate your win rate with less administrative burden

Maximize the premium you capture while eliminating the burden and risk of administration. Alight’s industry-leading software and digital-first approach helps insurers achieve a fast, smooth transition from the point of settlement to first payment.  

Here’s the Challenge

Fraud prevention is costly and difficult

It takes substantial, ongoing investment to combat rising threats from sophisticated fraudsters. This commitment diverts critical resources from your core business. 

Here’s how we solve it

Alight’s scaled technology

Alight’s scaled technology and expert resources act with care, skill and prudence to create an easy experience that, coupled with decision support, fiercely protects against the risk of fraud. This helps you grow your business and gives certificate holders the high-touch experience they demand. 

Helpful experiences for certificate holders

We ensure your certificate holders fully understand their options. Our essential plan information is easy to manage, access and navigate. Our extended support includes self-service options, educational resources and access to experts who stand ready to help. 

Adaptive solutions for a changing landscape

We’re always prepared for changes to economies and the workforce. Flexibility and creative solutions are the cornerstone of our services and have enabled us to deliver on some of the most challenging benefit calculations for over 40 years. 

Support for an increasingly diverse demographic

With a full spectrum of strategy and support built on decades of expertise, we take the stress out of pension risk transfers to allow you to take on more certificate holders with complex, deferred benefits. 

See more of what’s possible with our Pension Risk Transfer solution

For insurers

We give you a uniquely tailored solution that the NelsonHall next-generation benefits administration NEAT report ranks as superior to all other providers – both now and in the future. 


  • Expand your total addressable market to include all plan designs and liability types (retiree, deferred).
  • Increase your win rate by accelerating onboarding new certificate holders through broader scale and resources.
  • Improve the accuracy of your pricing and reduce liability risk through 100+ automated data integrity processes.
  • Eliminate the risk and liability of fraud in certificate holder accounts through deep investment in scaled solutions protecting 40 million accounts.
  • Integrate payment and tax form services, removing the risk and burden of managing another third party.

Your certificate holders don’t have to manage their benefits on their own. We have tools and information at the ready to help them make decisions and stay educated about their benefits. They can also take advantage of plan reporting, benefits calculation and retirement income estimations and modeling. 


  • Track retirement and set appointments virtually on one portal.
  • Estimate retirement expenses and income with proprietary projection tools.
  • Receive live support from trained, friendly customer service representatives.
  • Get answers to questions in all phases of retirement via retirement specials.

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