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The Era of the Employee

The Era of the Employee is here

There is a paradigm shift happening in the employer-employee relationship. This offers opportunities for both employers and employees as traditional workforce models are becoming less relevant.

How to maximize the ROI of HR

When implementing HR solutions, we offer guarantees that make your business case even more compelling to the C-suite.

What can AI do for HR?

Artificial intelligence and human resources work together to help reduce costs, improve planning, and most importantly transform your business.

The Alight Blog

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Engaging the human side of payroll with earned wage access

Offering modern financial wellness tools and support through solutions like earned wage access empowers employees with the autonomy to address a myriad of financial challenges and shortfalls with dignity.

Financial transformation in the public utility industry is underway—are you ready?

The public utility industry is undergoing a financial transformation. Learn about the key drivers creating this change now.

Mental Health Stigma Among Asian American, Pacific Islander Employees: What Providers, Employers Can Do

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders face high levels of stress, anxiety, and mental health stigma can prevent them from getting help. Learn what employers do.


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Ms Opal Lee

Alight celebrates Junteenth: A conversation with Ms. Opal Lee

Join us for a conversation with Ms. Opal Lee as she shares her wisdom about advocating for equality as an activist and leader.

Case Study: Iress

Case Study: Iress

Iress went live on Workday in 2016 consolidating five HRIS systems that had been inherited through acquisitions into a single global platform.

Alight Worklife

Alight Worklife journey video

Alight Worklife. The employee experience platform built to engage.