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Take your clients to the next level

With our help in deploying robust and expert solutions, you can give your clients a better people experience.

It starts here

Imagine an experienced partner who’s as dedicated to your clients as you are. That’s us. With our trusted set of services and solutions, systems integration and delivery expertise, you can meet any type of client need. We give you confidence in our partnership so your clients can be confident in you.

 Alight delivers a modern experience to employees and ROI to employers

A trusted partner to help you grow

We’ve seen the work world transform and know what it takes to deliver a modern experience to employees and ROI to employers. We help execute client goals through multi-strategy opportunities that are best fit for their needs, now and in the future. Our various solutions, analytics and insights give you the ability to help your clients grow, and our forward-thinking approach means we never stop improving together.

With Alight  employee data and carrier integrations are truly secure

Convenience meets confidence

Feel better knowing your client’s information is safe. With Alight, you can feel confident knowing their platform, employee data and carrier integrations are truly secure. Our legal teams continuously monitor legal requirements and update our systems when necessary. It’s a system built on trust and collaboration, and it’s the only way we work.

More of what’s possible with Alight solutions

Our partnership and solutions are simply transformative.

Benefits Administration

Ease administrative burden and boost workforce wellbeing during enrollment and throughout the year.


  • Configured to meet enrollment strategy and workforce needs
  • Help employees make smarter decisions across the spectrum of care
  • Multi-channel customer care to support your employees how and when they need it
Alight Workforce wellbeing

Guide your people to the right care from the start, saving money and improving healthcare outcomes with expert help.


  • Identify highly-rated, cost-effective providers
  • Build trusted relationships with your people around their wellbeing
  • Tackle disproportionate cost of misguided benefits usage
Save money and improve healthcare outcomes with expert help

Ensure your people have funds to cover important life expenses, all built within your health benefits platform.


  • Help employees build and create wealth
  • Maximize your healthcare spend
  • Leverage insights on spending and saving
Alight health benefits platform

Avoid costly fines and outsource the upkeep with a solution that keeps you compliant and eliminates risks.


  • Ongoing processes for stringent accuracy
  • Prevent loss and uncover massive cost savings
  • Easy form processing on cloud-based platform
 Solutions that keeps you compliant and eliminates risks

Whether you need help moving to the cloud or managing your payroll system, our payroll services empower you to make the maximum strategic impact on your business.


  • Platform ease-of-use for payroll staff and employees alike
  • Hands on consultancy and support as an extension of your team
  • Visibility over employee information and company analytics, including real-time data
our payroll services empower you to make the maximum strategic impact on your business

Our financial planning services and advisors give employees the knowledge, tools and personalized support they need to feel confident in reaching their financial goals.


  • Increase understanding and usage of company benefits
  • Access to licensed independent experts
  • Flexible customer experience offered by phone, portal or onsite
Alight  financial planning services and advisors

Don’t just take our word for it

  • Received consecutive recognition for our Benefits Administration solution 
  • Earned top vendor accolades for our HSA Administrator solution and ACA Reporting Software  
  • Added to 2021’s top vendor list for our Benefits Decisions Support solution  
  • Shortlisted as the #1 marketplace for employers and consultants to find and select providers in the HCM, well-being and benefits space  

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