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Alight named by Fortune as one of the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ in 2024

Give employees a more personalized experience with Alight LumenAI

Alight LumenAI is at the core of our Alight Worklife® platform.

This next-generation AI engine drives intelligent predictions, automates routine HR tasks and helps you meet employees in the moments that matter with a more personalized employee experience. And with technical capabilities that include the integration of at-scale generative AI into Alight Worklife’s new and existing AI, you get connectedness across all Worklife solutions.

$18M in claims savings projected by one employer based on Alight's personalization capabilities in helping employees find a primary care physician

See how Alight LumenAI powers Alight Worklife

Meet with an Alight expert and see a personalized, in-depth demo of our employee experience platform

Know how and when to target employees, and with what information

Create personalized employee experiences with Alight LumenAI. This state-of-the-art personalization engine adapts your messaging to match what you know about each employee, giving you one unified view of a person across multiple touchpoints.

  • Our personalized content and recommendations have resulted in an average 10% lift in relevant program sign-ups.
  • Our AI-powered search and chat features help drive 90% of engagements to be digital self-service.
  • Our payroll anomaly detection has helped prevent 1-3% of preventable payroll leakage.

Our AI-driven personalized campaigns drove up high-deductible health plan enrollment by 7%, with over 24-31% HSA utilization expected over the next 18 months

Case studies

Pharmaceuticals services company revolutionizes retirement and health savings with Alight LumenAI

By leveraging Alight LumenAI technology, the company personalized workforce messaging, transformed employee savings behaviors and optimized the use of existing benefits.

Wireless and Telecom provider drives engagement and lowers benefit costs with Alight Financial Path

Alight Financial Path helped employees engage in financial benefits and increase contributions to their retirement/health savings plans.

Automotive manufacturer drives health savings engagement with personalization tools from Alight

By partnering with Alight and leveraging Alight LumenAI personalization tools, this client increased employee participation and contributions to their HSAs.

Food & beverage company increases HSA participation with AI tools from Alight

Leveraging Alight’s AI-based, hyper-personalized messaging, they drove HSA program awareness and contributions in less than six months.

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