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Benefits Administration

Ben admin that actually enables your strategy

There’s an easier way for your employees to navigate open enrollment and engage with their health benefits.

Here’s how

95% of organizations say their primary HR focus is their people’s health and wellbeing. We streamline your administration, so employees can get more from their benefits to make smarter decisions for their health. With our experience and expertise, you can finally take care of your people and your spend. 

Here’s the Challenge

Getting a handle on benefits is tough

You want to support your employees’ health and wellbeing, but it’s a hurdle to get them enrolled into health benefits plans and communicate new programs all while trying to keep costs down.

Here’s how we solve it

Unlock true engagement

A strategic partner can add more value to your investment with intuitive, bespoke solutions that make your job easier and your employees more engaged not just at enrollment, but over time.

1:1 benefits open enrollment

1,000 or 100,000 employees, it doesn’t matter. Each one gets a tailored enrollment experience with a few questions to kick it off and personalized suggestions that follow, all backed by extensive data. 

A closer look at engagement

By personalizing the experience and giving employees the tools to make smart moves, we can check off your benefit admin goals together. 

Work smarter in one spot

From web to mobile to the Ask Lisa chatbot, meet your people where they are with an omni-channel experience — enabling smarter work and life decisions for your people and actionable insights for you. 

More of what’s possible with Benefits Administration

For employers

When it comes to benefits, we’ve really seen it all. We support over 13,000 different health plan designs, with 12 million people using our platform. By continuously analyzing employee behavior, we connect them to your programs more reliably while ensuring you both save. 


  • Specifically designed to meet your benefits strategy
  • Easily and effectively enroll new employees
  • Help your people make smart decisions throughout the year
  • Easy and intuitive to administer as an employer
  • Provide a global digital solution to connect employees worldwide with expertise at the local level

Choosing benefits shouldn’t be complicated. Our full range of intuitive plan solutions guide employees to clear health and wellbeing choices, from their first day to retirement. 


  • Take control of health with simplified offering and decision making
  • Experience personalized interactions that drive benefits satisfaction

Frequently asked questions

Have a particular question about Health Benefits Administration? We've answered some of the most commonly asked questions.

Health benefits administration has two major functions. First, open enrollment (or new hire enrollment) is when your employees sign up for their health care benefits. Second, ongoing support is provided to answer questions and provide your people with education and guidance throughout the year. While enrollment may be the most well-known part of health benefits administration, Alight believes ongoing support is the key to a successful outsourcing partnership. 

When a company decides to outsource its benefits administration, it partners with an outside company to take on specific responsibilities related to administering health benefits to its employees. 

Outsourcing liberates internal resources from transactional activities related to benefits, including open enrollment, verifying dependents, processing life event changes and answering health benefits and other questions. Having an outside expert administer your benefits reduces the expenses associated with manual errors and premium overpayments. 

In addition to freeing up your internal resources and time, you can save money automating data and event processing, which is embedded into Alight’s benefit administration solutions. This process generates savings through timely terminations (both employee and ineligible dependents), accurate payroll deductions and frequent carrier updates. 

(1) Determine benefits eligibility – including dependent verification. (2) Provide health benefits information – both online and offline. (3) Make sure to provide any legally required disclosures or notices. (4) Enroll employees and their families for their selected benefits. 

Alight eliminates the risk of self-administering or using multiple vendors. Our compliance services include ongoing monitoring to mitigate risk and developing solutions to support your compliance with regulations, including the ACA. Alight continually stays on top of new laws and regulations, and then updates our solutions and processes as required to support your compliance. 

Customer story

GKN Healthcare Navigation Case Study

When Alight client GKN wanted to offer personalized support to help their people navigate the health care system, they knew where to turn. A true pioneer in the world of engineering, GKN supplies the components and systems that make it possible for millions of vehicles and thousands of aircraft to navigate the globe, for the earth to move, and for crops to be harvested.

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