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Alight helps employers maximize HR and benefit programs with Program Optimization for Alight Worklife®

Program Optimization gives employees AI-driven recommendations to maximize utilization and value of their HR and benefits programs

Lincolnshire, Ill. October 11, 2022 |

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Mariana Fischbach

As employers work to drive increased employee engagement and utilization of their HR and benefit programs, Alight, Inc. (NYSE: ALIT), today announced Program Optimization for Alight Worklife, its employee experience platform.

Employers are continuously challenged to provide programs that address employee needs for mental health support, family planning, caregiving and condition management. Program Optimization helps boost the value of these HR and benefit investments by seamlessly integrating an employer’s vendor ecosystem of programs within Alight Worklife to provide a curated one-stop shop access point for each of the employee’s available programs. Using AI, machine learning, and data analytics, Program Optimization provides each employee with personalized program suggestions in moments that matter to increase awareness, utilization and realization of the value of each program.

“Despite employers’ continued prioritization of HR and benefit programs, studies show employees are increasingly struggling to understand and use these programs,” said Josh Welch, senior vice president of product at Alight. “This presents a bigger challenge for employers as they look to their programs as a differentiator in retaining top talent and improving overall employee wellbeing, while also needing to optimize their HR and benefits spend. Program Optimization is there to help ensure the valuable benefit programs employers offer are available to employees at the moments they need them the most, and the employer can realize the expected value of those investments.”

As employees navigate unique life moments such as starting a new job, building and caring for their family, or getting and staying physically and emotionally healthy, Program Optimization for Alight Worklife is purposefully designed to increase awareness of HR and benefit programs, promote behavior change and guide employees in making confident decisions about how and when to use these benefit programs available to them.

At the same time, employers gain access to real-time data via Alight’s recently developed benchmarking and index dashboards. These dashboards allow the employer to measure how employees are accessing and using the programs offered on a de-identified basis, giving them immediate insights that enable them to measure outcomes and identify opportunities to maximize the value of their investments.

The first clients will be going live with Program Optimization this month. The Program Optimization feature is just one example of the updates and new features added in the second major release of the Alight Worklife platform. To learn more about Alight Worklife, visit



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Media Contact

Mariana Fischbach