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Alight’s latest release of Alight Worklife® to unlock value for organizations and their people

First release of 2024 offers AI-driven workforce support, extensive benefits management and holistic financial and wellbeing features to enhance the employee experience and help generate higher ROI for employers

Lincolnshire, Ill. Mar 28, 2024 |

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Mariana Fischbach

Alight, Inc. (NYSE: ALIT), a leading cloud-based human capital and technology services provider, today announced the first major release of Alight Worklife for 2024. 

The release introduces AI-powered workforce support, comprehensive benefits management, and holistic financial and wellbeing capabilities to improve the employee experience and help generate increased ROI for employers.

"The Alight Worklife platform offers comprehensive benefits and wellbeing solutions, including benefits administration and opportunities for cost reduction in healthcare spend, leading to financial security for employees and elevating the employee experience,” said Josh Welch, EVP of product management at Alight. "With this release, employers will be better positioned to maximize the value of their HR and benefits offerings through our next generation AI engine, as well as seamless integration of healthcare navigation and leave administration functionality.”

AI-powered workforce support

The release introduces Alight LumenAITM, Alight’s next-generation AI engine.  Alight LumenAI brings additional enhancements including Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) to Alight’s Interactive Virtual Assistant (IVA) chatbot, and personalized content and message targeting models trained on large-scale datasets.

With AI-driven automation streamlining the configuration process, the Alight Worklife platform can now help employers seamlessly configure and update eligibility groups, ACA reporting, rates and rate rules, medical expense estimator, premium reporting and more.

As well, an integrated real-time search and chat experience connects with Alight’s IVA to provide employees with even more personalized answers, all in a streamlined view. Employees can now view the top response to their query, along with the top three search results and receive personalized automated recommendations through the Alight Worklife Essentials Content Library, a new collection of specially crafted, multi-channel content delivered based on demographics, plan eligibility, coverage changes and more, creating a consistent digital experience.  

Comprehensive benefits management 
 The latest release of Alight Worklife further integrates Alight’s Leaves Management and Health Navigation solutions into the platform and extends benefits for employees with new Whole Life and Long-Term Care options, offering a comprehensive approach to employee wellbeing. Additional features include:

  • Integrated leaves management that will allow employees to create leave of absence claims, review eligibility, check claim status, explore leave options, and view disability-related pay through a Single Sign On (SSO) user experience. 
  • Expanded Health Navigation features such as an AI-Driven Symptom Checker and a Claims Accumulator Tracker, providing recommended care steps and detailed coverage information.
  • Collaboration with top providers to offer a streamlined Whole Life Insurance with Long-Term Care Rider available to Health Benefits Administration clients of all sizes to help employers deliver comprehensive protection and financial security for employees and their families.

Holistic financial and wellbeing empowerment
 The release introduces redesigned financial wellbeing tools, self-service payroll tools and new integrated wellbeing content, providing employees with more comprehensive support, including:

  • Easier access to Alight’s Retirement Status Tracker, Installment Status Tracker and SECURE 2.0 provisions to streamline financial management and enhance retirement planning.
  • Expanded self-service payroll tools giving employers access to Alight Pay in 12 new geographies. Native to Alight Worklife, Alight Pay delivers on- and off-cycle payroll in various jurisdictions internationally, with built-in SOC controls and defensive queries to improve payroll accuracy and minimize leakage.
  • Comprehensive digital therapeutics through Alight Well, addressing multiple chronic conditions and women's health needs, providing integrated resources and support tailored to specific health conditions.

Additionally, the release features expanded vendor integrations and content libraries for the platform’s Access Experience, offering 250+ program detail pages across 15 categories and 100+ vendors. These are enhanced by Alight’s Program Optimization features, providing AI-personalized omnichannel engagement and utilization measurement to improve personal and family wellbeing and accelerate engagement and ROI on program investments. 

With over 60 new features, this is the first of two major releases in 2024 for Alight Worklife. For more information about Alight Worklife, visit



Alight Inc. (NYSE: ALIT), a leading cloud-based human capital technology and services provider

Media Contact

Mariana Fischbach