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Alight named by Fortune as one of the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ in 2024

Alight deploys artificial intelligence and data-driven insights to reach new levels of engagement in the employee experience

Hyper-personalization provides the information people need, when they need it to make better health, wealth and career decisions

Lincolnshire, Ill. Mar 3, 2020 |

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Providing access to benefits information in more meaningful, consumer-centric ways is paramount to fulfilling employees’ expectations in a digital world. To help companies enhance the benefits experience for their people, Alight Solutions, a leader in benefits, payroll and cloud solutions, has launched a new hyper-personalization solution that provides actionable information to people during both routine and pivotal moments in their lives.
Alight’s hyper-personalization is an intelligent, data-driven platform that fully integrates with UPoint®, Alight’s industry-leading HR and benefits portal, and its healthcare navigation solutions. Alight’s hyper-personalization provides employees with targeted alerts and guidance via multi-channel messages that continuously adapt based on their actions (or inactions) to help them make more informed decisions around their health, wealth and careers.
“In today’s mobile, social and on-demand world, the bar for technology is only getting higher. Whether it’s in their personal lives or at work, people want greater simplicity, highly customized experiences and the ability for more self-service,” said Brannon Lacey, president of benefits solutions at Alight. “Using our data and analytics, Alight provides people with highly personalized and effective benefits interactions that create a truly engaging employee experience.”
Alight clients have already begun to realize the value of hyper-personalization when combined with Alight’s health benefits administration and navigation capabilities. The annualized results across three Fortune 500 companies with a combined 95,000 employees using the integrated solution include: +90 Net Promoter Score®, 100% utilization of navigation services, and five referrals per person to other employer benefits programs.
“We are thrilled with the opportunities hyper-personalization provides for improving program engagement among our team members,” said Tracey Stephens, vice president of global benefits at Dell Technologies. “Now we have one front door for all benefits access, administration and navigation, where our team members can more easily gain access to and make the most of the options available to them. We are very pleased with the improvement in benefit program utilization we are seeing as a result.”
Hyper-personalization focuses on providing critical information and calls to action for people across three key areas:

  • Health: Enrollment guidance, provider searches, cost comparisons, clinical programs, health savings accounts and benefit program engagement
  • Wealth: Financial wellbeing, retirement savings, budgeting and debt management
  • Career: Pay, performance, time off and total rewards 

More information about hyper-personalization is available at