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2020 SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Time Off key highlights


The effect COVID-19 had on workforces means it is impossible not to consider this when discussing the latest release of SuccessFactors Employee Central.

More than ever the top priority for businesses is their employees.

In these unprecedented times, placing employee experience at the heart of your business can vastly help to improve efficiency. This in turn can improve employee performance and therefore results.

SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management have enhanced the Employee Central Time and Attendance experience to do just this.

Team Absence Calendar

One of the most anticipated and popular request is the Team Absence Calendar.

This enhancement has been long awaited by many. Higher-level managers can now see employee absence calendars at multiple levels in their organization.

In addition, the use of role-based permissions means employees can now find the availability (week or month view) of others in the organization. And not just for those in their team!

This feature means employees can book events, workshops etc. knowing people’s availability in advance. And, therefore being able to pick the best date. You can also see the absence type that an employee is taking.


Just like the name of the feature, flextime provides employees with the ability to be flexible with their working hours. This is something which is now more important than ever before.

With many people adjusting to new ways of working, Flextime enables employees to pick and choose their start and end times around a ‘bandwidth’ period. This is providing the employee works their required contractual hours.

They are free to choose their own working times. So whether it’s juggling children around a full-time job or a visit to the shops. Flextime enables people to customize their work-life balance.

An additional business benefit is that if employees works over their ‘bandwidth’ the Manager/Time Administrator are notified immediately. This allows overtime costs to be controlled allowing for better and easier budget management.

It is a great benefit for those who have core hours to be flexible with their working hours.

However, it can create more work for managers/time administrators if they have to adapt a team’s work schedule.

Leave Pay-out

Eligible employees now can request pay-out from various leave types, such as overtime or time in lieu. There is the ability to see the gross pay-out instantly onscreen.

This option gives eligible employees more access to cash. And in times where some people are suffering financial hardship this can be very welcome.

As well as benefits to employees, there obviously needs to be a business rationale for the company to incur additional costs.

The business benefit of this feature is that it can help lower their financial liability. Many businesses allow employees to carry forward holidays which increases the financial liability. This feature helps to manage and lower this liability.

Another good feature. But to make the pay-out eligible for self-service there needs to be some setup required, updating of permissions, creating business rules and alert messages etc.

Administrators will also need to work closely with payroll teams. This is to ensure they have covered local legislation and the automation of pay-out where your payroll is in another system

Nylesh Prema 

Alight, Functional Consultant, Lead Specialist

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