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Achieve next level transformation in Workday


You undertook your initial Workday project to achieve next level transformation, build and sustain a competitive advantage, and unlock immediate and long-term growth opportunities for your people and business, but have you reached your goals?

You’ve deployed Workday. But, for whatever reason, you aren’t seeing the levels of end-user adoption that you expected. And without proper adoption of newly introduced ways of working, you aren’t able to evolve with the product as new functionality becomes available. If you’re stuck in this cycle, it’s important that you know where you are falling short. Only by taking the time to pinpoint your true barriers to success can you create a set of targeted solutions to take you to the next level. Fortunately, Alight’s change management experts can help. 

Introducing Alight’s Adoption Optimization Playbook, a comprehensive look into your Workday and related data to discover actionable insights that highlight where you are on your transformation journey. This analysis serves as the basis for creating data-driven change management solutions that promote an exceptional employee experience, improve end-user adoption, and, ultimately, create more value for your organization.

Moving up the curve

The first step in achieving next level transformation is identifying where on the adoption curve you are currently. Our Adoption Optimization Playbook allows us to work with our clients to provide a systematic way to make this determination, culminating in a personalized scorecard that maps your success across the employee lifecycle. Once we’ve established a data-driven baseline, we are able to provide clients a thoughtful approach on how to move further along their adoption journey to drive their business further using Workday data.


  • Live with Workday on time on budget
  • Available data to pull from


  • User adoption
  • Usage tracking
  • User satisfaction


  • Productivity improvements
  • Process efficiency and effectiveness


  • Data driven decision making
  • Employee experience and culture transformation

How we work

Our Adoption Optimization Playbook starts by examining various data inputs—for example, stakeholder inputs, survey results Workday analytics, customer care data, etc. We seek to determine both the trends and also the underlying motivations or context behind them. The analysis is broken down into two key themes:

  1. Persona-Based: Discovery relative to actions, emotions and engagement methods that identifies process and technology opportunities at any and all points in the employee lifecycle.
  2. Data- and System-Based: Insights into tangible analytics for how users are engaging with the service delivery model

Our approach works efficiently to conduct this comprehensive review of your transformation level. We work to identify the most impactful opportunities for long-term growth while positioning the organization for sustained adoption and promoting a culture of continuous improvement. Once complete, we are able to assemble an actionable roadmap for driving transformation.

Your customized solution

After the initial diagnostic assessment, Alight will provide a customized solution designed to address your weaknesses and move you along your unique transformation journey. Example solutions include:

  • Manager Enablement
  • Talent Strategy
  • Analytics Training
  • Art of the Possible
  • Employee Experience
  • Gamification Rollouts

From idea to action

No matter what levels of user adoption you’ve achieved so far, what got you here won’t get you to the next level. Alight wants you to maximize the value in your investment, and our data-driven, prescriptive approach can help. Our change management experts are ready to work with you on your own custom approach to achieving next level transformation.

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