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Artificial intelligence and employee wellbeing – podcast overview


In the seventh episode of the Alight on Wellbeing podcast, host Matt Bragstad delves into Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on employee wellbeing in the workplace. Joined by Geoffrey Peterson, Alight data science leader, the discussion covers how AI is revolutionizing HR processes, employee experiences, and the broader corporate environment.

AI: A solution or a challenge?

Geoffrey reveals AI's potential and limitations, emphasizing that AI, at its core, is complex software - a tool that, like any other, requires careful handling and understanding. He points out that while AI brings new capabilities, it also inherits traditional software's inherent risks and governance needs.

The misuse and potential of AI

A significant part of the discussion revolves around the misuse of AI, particularly in high-risk areas like recruitment and performance management. Geoffrey notes that AI, while powerful, is prone to errors, and these errors can have significant real-world consequences. He stresses the importance of keeping humans in the loop and understanding that all AI models inherently possess biases, a reality that must be acknowledged and managed.

Additionally, Geoffrey talks about AI's positive impact, particularly in enhancing employee experiences. He describes AI-driven personalization engines that nudge employees towards beneficial actions and assistance engines like chatbots that provide efficient, round-the-clock service. He also highlights AI's role in operational efficiency, like document processing and insights generation, which help identify and fix issues in employee experiences.

Key considerations for AI implementation

Drawing from his presentation at HR Tech, Geoffrey outlines crucial considerations for successfully implementing AI in organizations. These include wisely allocating resources, avoiding high-risk use cases, keeping humans in the loop, and extensively measuring AI's outcomes. He advises companies to be pragmatic and thoughtful, considering the significant investment and oversight AI requires.

Final thoughts: Navigating the AI wave for employee wellbeing

In closing, Geoffrey encourages listeners to approach AI with a blend of curiosity, caution, and courage. He acknowledges the diverse pace at which companies adopt AI, urging them to stay openminded and strong in their convictions. Matt and Geoffrey agree that AI, like any technological wave, presents both challenges and opportunities, and navigating it successfully requires continuous learning and adaptation.


The seventh episode of "Alight on Wellbeing" offers a comprehensive and balanced perspective on AI and employee wellbeing. It underscores the importance of understanding AI's capabilities and limitations, advocating for an informed approach to its implementation in the workplace. As AI continues to evolve, it's clear that its impact on employee wellbeing and organizational efficiency will be profound, provided it is managed with the right blend of expertise, ethics, and human oversight.

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