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Workday 2021R1 - Build your own Brainstorm with Workday Extend


If you haven’t checked out Workday Extend lately, it’s worth an extra look. As part of the 2021R1 Workday release, Workday Extend has added several exciting features to make it a complete development platform. 

New features of Workday Extend include:

  • Model Components: Now you can create your own standalone custom business objects, attachment objects, report data sources, security domains and business processes.

  • Orchestration Builder: Create your own web services to automate flows or multi-step processes in Workday and better connect to external systems or vendors.

These new capabilities open up the Workday platform like never before by streamlining existing functionality, creating custom applications, and integrating real-time with your other systems.


Model Components

Where to store your data is one of the first considerations when building an application. Workday has been extensible for a while, offering the option to add custom object fields to certain delivered Workday objects. Now, with Model Components you can expand even further by creating your own standalone custom objects.

The ability to define relationships between new business objects to Workday objects and create attachment objects for storing related file data or images, add flexibility and functionality. Workday automatically provides indexed data sources, and REST web services for each new business object.

Security should always be at the top of your data list. With Workday Extend, protection is built in. Since Model Components are native to the Workday stack, you can leverage Workday’s security model for these objects by creating your own security domains and control who can view or modify data down to the field level.  You can then configure security policies in the same manner as the rest of the Workday application. 

Because it’s built in, you can also leverage existing security groups and roles to simplify access controls. Your business objects have the same Audit Trail features as delivered objects, and because your data is hosted within the same Workday data center and architecture you already use, there are no worries around additional data security or compliance controls.

Orchestration Builder

For your user’s workflow, Workday now allows you to create new business processes.  These extend Workday’s Business Process Framework allowing you to process your app data, capture approvals and trigger orchestrations. These business processes events are also fully reportable and auditable.

With Orchestration Builder you can develop real-time, event-driven processes across Workday and other external systems. An intuitive user-interface with drag-and-drop functionality and an expression builder allowing for more custom data manipulation, make Workday easier and more effective than ever.

Putting it all together, Workday Extend now provides a persistence layer, a business logic layer and the presentation layer, making Workday Extend the full-fledged development platform your business needs.

Create your own custom screens, triggering your own custom workflow automating processes, and house and report on the data with new native custom objects in the Workday stack — all using the security model you trust and the reporting and analytics engine you use today.

It’s no longer new functionality, but Workday Extend deserves a second look when customizing your Workday user experience or housing your organization’s custom apps of the future.

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