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Quick wins for your Workday ROI


Despite the advent of a new year, 2021 is clearly not going to see a return to pre-pandemic ‘normality’. Though we are hopefully for a more positive path ahead, we are all still operating against a backdrop of uncertainty. This means that there is often little scope for business spend. So how can you ensure that your Workday investment continues to reap rewards and, in parallel, that you are constantly enhancing your employees’ overall experience?

We’ve collated a few suggestions to help you tap into maximising the value of your existing deployment and some tools for uncovering how you can add real value to your deployment without significant financial outlay.

Adoption Planning Dashboard

Keen to focus and refresh on your Workday roadmap as a starting point? The Adoption Planning Dashboard is an often under-utilised feature of Workday. Here you have at your disposal tools to share your roadmap with all your team and edit collaboratively. This tool will also keep you aligned with fresh functionality as you can report on new features that have been released between specified date ranges. Additionally, the dashboard can be filtered by functionality, displaying key information on impacts and go-live dates for the various Workday releases.

Workday Community

It may sound obvious, but are you harnessing the full content of Workday Community on a regular basis? Here you’ll find a wealth of current and constantly evolving knowledge on-demand, curated from the global customer community. Particularly front-of-mind of many organisations at the moment is how to ensure they are effectively tracking vaccinations amongst their employees. You’ll find details on Community from fellow users on how they have approached tracking in their organisations, as well as a diverse range of other topics.

Utilize untapped Workday functionality available to you

Have you considered the full scope of your organisation’s technology landscape recently? Perhaps there are other systems that manage processes that could be served within Workday delivered functionality. Did you know, for example that Workday provides comprehensive Health and Safety tracking/Incident Management as part of Core HCM? We’ve seen many clients who’ve benefited from moving their tracking of such data from other sub- systems into Workday – reducing licencing costs as well as the obvious benefits of keeping data in one repository. Our Workday advisory services are a great resource if you need assistance understanding how your other technology can be consolidated into Workday. You can use the Talk to a Workday expert button below to find out more. 

Tenant assessment reports

We encourage all our clients to take a regular look at the delivered tenant assessment reports – a deep dive into the metrics can really pay dividends. For example, a recent Gartner report revealed that average user adoption for HCM investments is just 55%. Do you need to focus on change management efforts in your organisation? Once you’ve used these core assessment reports to reveal areas where you need to concentrate and prioritise your efforts, our Workday AMS team can assist in implementing these needed changes so you can start seeing a larger return on your investment.
We know that there is much for your business to focus on as we kick off 2021, but taking advantage of these easy wins for your Workday return on investment early on sets you up for success as you pursue larger goals strategic to your business and helps you to identify areas for improvement to roadmap as you create your plan for the rest of the year.

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